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trip suggestions, regulations, and approaches lower back to employee travel policy desk of Contents section 1 – accountability and Accountability for travel Authorizations and Disbursement part 2 – regular Reimbursements for UA Little Rock employees area three – special trip Authorizations section 4 – prices for Non-State personnel area 5 – Direct Billing of charges part 6 – commute cards part 7 – rental automobiles area eight – commute by way of university vehicles – Motor Pool area 9 – travel Advances area 10 – go back and forth Reimbursements (TR-1) area 11 – legitimate services here go back and forth guidelines, regulations, and procedures are relevant to all schools, departments, offices, personnel, and respectable visitors of the school of Arkansas at Little Rock (UA Little Rock) and are in settlement with the Arkansas department of Finance and Administration go back and forth laws. 1. responsibility and Accountability for go back and forth Authorizations and Disbursement State legislations assigns the acclaim for shuttle to the executive head of the school. The chancellor has been approved to designate individuals within the institution to act as brokers in performing these responsibilities. Prior approval on a Request for Authorization of go back and forth prices (TA) kind from the employee’s departmental budget head and trip administrator is fundamental just before all travel. The employee are not covered via the university’s shuttle coverage devoid of an authorized TA on file just before the go back and forth. The worker is responsible for completing travel files, including the TA, TR-1, W-9 from the convention for prepayment of registration costs, if applicable, required assisting documentation, and written justification for trip exceptions. The employee is also answerable for securing required signatures for shuttle and compensation approval. shuttle directors (deans or vice chancellors) are answerable for approving go back and forth for respectable enterprise by means of approving the TA. The trip administrator must be aware of the precise cost for personnel to attend seminars, conferences, and working towards institutes. They should be customary with within your budget trip charges, state rules, and the college’s shuttle policy. They may still even be privy to nutrients or other expenses that are covered within the registration fee. additionally, the trip administrator is liable for making certain that the employee is duly licensed in response to the necessities of all relevant state legal guidelines and has completed the necessary types authorizing the operation of a state car and the release to gain his or her traffic violation checklist. The commute supervisor in Procurement functions is the particular person responsible for approving and processing the TA as well as verifying that the TA is in compliance with state rules and tuition trip guidelines. The commute supervisor in accounts Payable is the individual responsible for approving and processing the go back and forth expense compensation/Reconciliation (TR-1) form, verifying that all funds to the employee are in compliance with state rules and university trip guidelines, and that required receipts and documentation are furnished. returned to good 2. standard compensation for UA Little Rock personnel university employees may well be paid go back and forth charges when required to trip far from their legit station on state business. reliable station is the geographic area or address the place the employee always studies for duty and/or spends the vast majority of his or her productive time and must be special as such in writing by using the organisation. (See coverage 309.2 – go back and forth and worker Work vicinity – official Station) An employee’s home shall be the metropolis or city during which the particular person has an adobe or dwelling region. An employee whose resident metropolis is a area other than his or her professional station shall now not be allowed mileage to commute between them apart from as supplied for in part three, special shuttle Authorizations, beneath. All worker trip reimbursement claims have to be accomplished for payment to the individual employee. One employee may additionally not include on his trip fee request the costs of an additional worker. No fees for meals should be allowed within the metropolis or town of the employee’s authentic station unless particular authorization is given with the aid of the department head or vice chancellor. beneath no instances should still the optimum each day federal per diem costs for nutrients be surpassed. The shuttle administrator can give written acclaim for all different trip linked requests. The particular authorization ought to show a advantage to the state, now not a comfort for the worker. Limits for nutrients and Lodging commute repayment isn’t a per diem, and is to be claimed for genuine charges FOR nutrition AND LODGING now not TO EXCEED THE highest ALLOWABLE prices. The revenue tax amount have to be mentioned on TR-1 kinds for lodging. The maximum allowance for nutrients comprises taxes and up to 15% tip compensation as offered via Arkansas law. Lodging quotes EXCLUDE room tax and should be passed handiest via the room tax volume until particular authorization is given in writing via the trip administrator justifying the need to exceed the average reimbursement price. Requests to reimburse for food with out an in a single day dwell should be pursuant to area three, particular trip Authorizations, below. The U.S. widely wide-spread functions Administration (GSA) units federal per diem rates for meals and lodging. visit for all costs pertinent to shuttle. foodstuff Meal repayment is allowed only in reference to in a single day travel, even if in state or out of state, except special authorization is given pursuant to part 3 under. special authorization should still be restricted to these infrequent activities where, for instance, an employee is asked to perform unanticipated responsibilities outdoor of his or her average work time table that are official in nature. travel, whether in state or out of state, should still in no way be the handiest consideration when justifying the need for special authorization. The justification for special authorization should reveal the benefit to the state. The highest full day meal allowance, including income tax and up to fifteen% gratuity, can not exceed the federal per diem price depending on the destination vicinity. The worker is barely eligible for 75% of the every day allowance for meals on the first and final day of go back and forth. If commute covers a two day duration, then meal reimbursement is up to 75% of the day by day allowance for each day. For partial days, foodstuff must be charged in percentage to the time in shuttle status. beneath no cases may the whole of nutrition exceed seventy five% for the first and closing days of go back and forth. nutrition might also now not exceed the highest for applicable nutrients per GSA federal instructions (nutrients and incidental costs). foodstuff covered in conference Registration Meal compensation requests should be decreased for food offered as a part of the convention registration by way of deducting the acceptable amount as shown under the meals and Incidental charges (M&IE) breakdown at Allowances may well be made in writing to enable the traveller to claim meal repayment if any of the situations beneath are met: The vacationer is unable to consume the meal provided as a result of clinical requirements or religious beliefs. The traveler purchased substitute meal(s) so as to satisfy their medical requirements or spiritual beliefs. The traveller changed into unable to take part within the provided meal due to the battle of professional business. Complementary nutrition nutrition offered by using a common service or a complementary meal provided by way of a lodge/lodge does not have an effect on the optimum meal allowance per the Federal trip listing. Lodging compensation for lodging is proscribed to the only room price. If a room is occupied with the aid of multiple adult, the single room cost should be noted on the receipt. The maximum day by day allowance can be restrained to the federal per diem rate counting on the vicinity for each in state and out of state shuttle. Room taxes are not protected in the federal per diem rate and can be claimed for repayment. The highest repayment allowance for lodging may well be exceeded simplest if the employee provides justification within the special authorization element of the TA form and signed with the aid of the acceptable trip administrator. The factors for exceeding the maximum lodging fee should be obviously mentioned in the particular authorization area. for example, if a convention is held at a hotel where a block of rooms are provided to conference attendees for either a reduced neighborhood price or executive price in excess of the optimum lodging per diem for that metropolis/enviornment, the commute administrator may additionally authorize fee with written justification as to the benefit of the state. Transportation shuttle can be performed via aircraft, instruct, bus, taxi, deepest automobile/plane, rented or state-owned automobile; whichever formulation serves the requirements of the state most economically and advantageously. compensation for out-of-state trip should be the lesser of train category airfare or the established fee of private care mileage, in accordance with map mileage (even if paper-primarily based or electronic) when pushed. Mileage is measured from the professional station to the vacation spot, or the distance from the home to the destination, whichever is much less. Allowable mileage depends upon consulting employees may also additionally contact accounts Payable (501.569.3318) to reap the optimum map mileage. employees via commercial air shall make the most of teach lodgings, except in these cases where first category accommodations can be greater reasonable for the state. situations the place first classification fare is utilized will require targeted justification and must be authorized through the shuttle administrator. industrial airline tickets should still be purchased as a minimum 14 days just before trip, if possible. Airline tickets bought with lower than a 14-day boost can be explained in writing to the branch head or vice chancellor and accredited by her or him in writing ahead of buy. alterations to flight schedules that result in ticket exchange prices should be for a enterprise motive and get hold of prior approval of the employee’s instant supervisor. Unauthorized ticket alternate charges incurred for the convenience of the worker are the own responsibility of the employee and will now not be reimbursed. The university will pay or reimburse the employee for checked baggage fees for the first bag simplest. prices for extra luggage and all different non-compulsory features (favourite seating, early chicken assess-in, extra baggage fees, and so on.) should be paid via the worker and aren’t eligible for repayment. The minimum miles traveled per day to be eligible to compile an evening’s lodging is 400 miles. The requirement to travel a minimum of 400 miles day by day has no impact on in-state go back and forth nor does it affect go back and forth backyard the state the place the vacation spot is lower than 400 miles from the employee’s official station. It addresses the period of time the employee spends en-route or in go back and forth fame accomplishing the destination. compensation to be used of Privately Owned vehicle deepest automobile mileage might be reimbursed and computed, the use of map mileage (whether paper-based mostly or electronic), between the trip web page vacation spot and the worker’s authentic station or dwelling, if leaving without delay from the house, whichever is much less. Mileage compensation for respectable use of a personal motor automobile could be claimed, listed one by one on the TR-1, within the region of any locale. When privately owned motor motors are used for go back and forth on reliable business, the employee may additionally declare repayment on the expense per mile dependent by using the office of State Procurement in impact all over the time the commute occurred. The shortest predominant toll road route (map mileage even if paper-based or digital), will determine the highest mileage allowed. The institution will reimburse for reputable miles driven most effective. The tuition assumes no responsibility for any protection, coverage, operational costs, accidents, or fines incurred by means of the operator of the automobile whereas on official company for the tuition. When a privately owned plane is used for trip on school company, the expense of reimbursement should be in nautical miles at the expense as centered by means of the executive fiscal officer of the state, all through the time the shuttle took place. Use of shuttle corporations shuttle agencies can be used to obtain transportation, lodging, and related go back and forth charges. Contact Procurement capabilities at 501.569.3144 for a list of accredited go back and forth corporations. Incidental costs Incidentals are exceptionally defined and provided for and need to be listed one at a time and explained on the TR-1 form. only 1 personal baggage payment is allowed to be reimbursed. Transportation or storage for articles utilized in shows or reliable business of the university and necessities for handling baggage (aside from very own baggage) are allowable price items if recognized as such. Parking charges for parking a state-owned, leased, or privately-owned automobile are reimbursable on the TR-1. Valet parking may be reimbursed best if the employee provides written justification that valet parking changed into the handiest choice purchasable. cellphone calls for authentic institution company while in travel reputation are reimbursable. eventually, taxi price reimbursement might be constrained to professional enterprise handiest. usual receipts are required for all incidental expenses and must be connected to the TR-1. Miscellaneous expenses Miscellaneous costs, whether or no longer at once linked with commute (such as postage, small emergency resources, etc.) may well be allowed with ample justification when essential to the efficiency of official tasks. usual receipts are required. items not Reimbursable prices for personal amusement, flowers, laundry, alcoholic drinks, cleaning, films, or different identical capabilities aren’t reimbursable. communique prices will probably be allowed handiest when fundamental for the transaction of authentic company and competently receipted. advice are simplest for wait personnel at full carrier meals businesses; counsel to start drivers and taxi or shuttle operators aren’t allowed. fees for apartment of space, decorations, entertainment, or different preparations in reference to banquets held entirely for the improvement of personnel don’t seem to be reimbursable. Petty cash cash cannot be used to make go back and forth advances or reimbursements. If a department has a petty money fund, incidental costs incurred via the employee reminiscent of postage and procurement of adlescent materials essential to the efficiency of state business can be reimbursed from petty money funds upon presentation of correct receipts. If the agency has no petty cash funds, such items can be reimbursed the usage of the TR-1 kind with appropriate and ample documentation. again to good three. special commute Authorizations sometimes it may turn into integral for an employee to perform unanticipated responsibilities outdoor the average work time table. within the adventure that such responsibilities require the employee to commute from his or her house to the place of efficiency of the obligations and lower back by the use of privately owned car, the employee may well be paid mileage compensation. A written observation signed by means of the worker’s supervisor will probably be retained in the file, attached to the applicable TR-1 kind, pointing out that the time labored turned into approved, and the motives the time labored and travel approved, and the penalties had the obligation now not been performed is required. in response to Arkansas legislation, the cost of foodstuff, lodging, mileage, and incidental expenses of state employees who’re special through his or her supervisor to attend respectable or particular board conferences or different capabilities identified as being in the performance of their respectable duties, in spite of the vicinity of such capabilities in relationship to the legit station, may well be paid either as compensation to the worker or on direct billing, field to approval of the branch head or go back and forth administrator, reckoning on the travel fee. A written justification showing the benefit to the state need to be offered in these cases. Examples of instances through which written justification can be necessary are when repayment for foodstuff with out in a single day trip and/or lodge compensation are requested by way of the worker. The justification memo should still be included in the documentation (attached to the TR-1 form) kept on file for the repayment or price of such expenses. returned to appropriate 4. charges for Non-State personnel Volunteers, Non-State employees, and official visitors A volunteer, non-state employee, or an respectable visitor of the state, whose activities or capabilities advantage the state, may well be allowed repayment for actual charges for meals, lodging, transportation and incidental costs when submitted on a TR-1. go back and forth reimbursement for these individuals may be accredited with a written rationalization of the activities via the department head or affiliate vice chancellor. it is the accountability of the shuttle administrator to ensure these individuals are not being reimbursed from any other source for his or her shuttle prices. under Arkansas legislation, state agencies or institutions making use of the functions of volunteer employees, who perform responsibilities comparable to state employees, are authorized to enforce inner trip policies which are greater restrictive than these dependent by using the chief fiscal officer of the state. Volunteers can also utilize company automobiles in the performance of their obligations offered they’re duly licensed in response to the requirements of all relevant state legal guidelines and have achieved the necessary types authorizing the operation of a state automobile and the unlock to achieve his or her traffic violation listing. A branch head or designee may be reimbursed for his or her fees for the buy of nutrition for professional guests. If no shuttle is worried, the branch head or designee may well be reimbursed for the purchase of nutrition for reputable visitors and other worker attendees, if relevant, by using submitting an accredited special meeting kind and repayment declare kind to Procurement features. When in quest of reimbursement on a repayment claim form, the meal for the reliable visitor ought to be itemized one at a time from state personnel, as federal per diem rates do not practice to visitors. The costs(s) could be claimed as an incidental cost, and a letter of explanation need to be attached to the TR-1 mentioning how the person for whom the expenditure changed into made benefited the college in his or her visit. expenses of scholars and pupil group travel in keeping with Arkansas legislation, state supported associations of bigger schooling may also supply shuttle costs for a gaggle or variety of college students who, when accompanied by using people who teach the students within the fundamentals of a competitive sport and direct crew strategy, have to go back and forth and be diagnosed as a cohesive unit representing no longer most effective their institution, however exemplifying the State of Arkansas in their behavior, attitudes, pursuits, presentation, and habits. In these situations the price of neighborhood commute charges, together with those of students and personnel, can be licensed as follows: nutrition and lodging, transportation, amusement, inside within your means limits, to ease the power on college students of their ambitions; charges of neighborhood activities, together with gratuities, laundry, cleansing, and favors; and different own costs to be paid from auxiliary money now not inconsistent with necessities, guidelines, laws, or prohibitions established by way of recognized country wide or state governing associations referring to the respective college students and personnel and the associations they’re representing. If a UA Little Rock worker might be accountable for fees of the student community commute, two (2) TAs need to be achieved (and two TR-1s for compensation), one for the supervising UA Little Rock employee and one for the students. both TAs (and TR-1s) could be within the identify of the employee; despite the fact, an inventory of students taking part have to be connected to the “pupil TA.” When cash is dispensed to the college students within the group, the supervising UA Little Rock worker must give a list of the college students’ names, signatures, and the quantities of the money enhance. pupil shuttle fees for transportation and lodging can be direct billed using a trip card. Contact Procurement capabilities at 501.569.3144 for additional techniques regarding group commute, just before the trip. lower back to desirable 5. Direct Billing of prices trip costs for lodging, commercial transportation (airfare, bus, rail, condominium cars, and taxi/shuttle), baggage fees (confined to one very own bag), parking charges, and conference registration may be direct billed to the university the use of the central shuttle carrier Account (CTS) or travel Card (T-Card). food don’t seem to be a professional cost allowed on any commute bank card issued by using the State of Arkansas for someone worker. Exemptions to the coverage are granted in particular situations just before trip and require a letter of justification. Meal fees and exemptions to the policy for community scholar trip need to even be pre-accepted through Procurement functions. When costs are direct billed to the tuition, the worker shall gain and fasten to the TR-1 receipts which detail the fee charged (airline ticket; itemized resort invoice; vehicle condo documentation; registration affirmation; and parking, baggage payment, or shuttle/taxi receipts), even if or not the employee paid (out-of-pocket) one of the vital prices for the trip. Valet parking can be reimbursed best if the worker provides written justification that valet parking changed into the only choice attainable. back to top6. shuttle cards The go back and forth Card application provides tourists a safe, advantageous, convenient, and commercially accessible formula to pay for fees incidental to legitimate shuttle, including native go back and forth. The travel card is meant for reputable college travel-connected use only and should never be used for personal purchases or to pay for someone else’s travel fees. There are two forms of shuttle playing cards purchasable for official institution commute-linked business, T-cards and CTS (Ghost bills). T-cards T-cards are issued to individual state employees who were authorized via the school. The cards are non-transferrable. The cardholders’ identify and the university identify are embedded on the cardboard. best the employee whose identify is on the card can use the card. To obtain a T-card, full-time school or personnel (college students are not eligible) must complete the T-Card worker agreement. The T-Card worker contract ought to be achieved and signed with the aid of the cardholder, the unit (departmental) supervisor, and the vice chancellor for the unit (branch). If a supervisor requests a T-Card, the T-Card employee settlement have to be signed by means of his or her immediate supervisor. CTS (Ghost bills) CTS (Ghost bills) are “cardless bills” and issued within the branch’s identify. These cards are strictly for respectable trip fees simplest (lodging, airfare, condominium automobiles, and conference registrations). To obtain a CTS account, the department shuttle coordinator ought to finished the CTS Card worker contract. The CTS Card employee contract need to be completed and signed by using the travel coordinator, the unit (departmental) supervisor, and the vice chancellor of the unit (branch). fees and Reconciliation A traveler can also elect to make use of a shuttle card to pay costs for airfare, registration, lodging, incidentals, public transportation, and rental cars. All costs to a trip card need to be supported with receipts and be reconciled each month in the course of the undertaking log. The tourist need to post a Request for Authorization of commute prices (TA) to Procurement features earlier than departure, record these prices made to the departmental shuttle card and estimated fees for reimbursement. practicing New commute card software cardholders, coordinators, and approvers are required to attend face-to-face practising before a trip card might be issued. returned to true 7. condo cars motor vehicle apartment will likely be restrained to reputable business best and might be allowed best for those when this mode of trip is extra budget friendly than taxi, airport shuttle, and many others. particular authorization must be obtained on the TA with a proof of why the apartment automobile is extra reasonably-priced. additional, the worker should use the statewide car rental contract, if one is in force. If a statewide contract is not in drive when go back and forth occurs, the employee ought to employ a automobile from an organization with the bottom purchasable quotes. click on here for additional motor vehicle rental counsel. reimbursement for a rental car shall only be if it was used on professional company. Any component of vehicle apartment cost that’s decided to be own in nature should be the accountability of the employee and the institution will no longer reimburse the employee for such expenses. The shuttle administrator have to supply justification and sign the Request for special Authorization box on the TA before reimbursement for a rental automobile may be made. again to good eight. go back and forth with the aid of university car – Motor Pool The university maintains a fleet of motors to be used by way of school and workforce touring on legitimate business. Requests for a college car should still be made to amenities administration at 501-569-3390. See UA Little Rock coverage 304.1 – tuition automobiles for procedures on renting a vehicle from the motor pool. extra motor pool advice is obtainable here. lower back to top 9. shuttle improve A shuttle improve is a comfort for the worker and not a requirement of the college. Departments are inspired to follow for a go back and forth card. An worker may additionally no longer gain a shuttle develop for prices that could have been prepaid or charged on a trip card. trip advances can be made in amounts not to exceed 50% of the overall predicted eligible trip fees, not together with these fees which are direct billed to the company or charged on a university trip card. The minimum go back and forth boost is $100. go back and forth advances for scholar/customer/group actions as described by A.C.A. §19-4-904(d) may well be made for 90% of the anticipated eligible charges that are not to be direct billed to the institution, with approval by way of the affiliate vice chancellor for finance. A shuttle boost is got by means of finishing a TA and checking “yes” for a money advance. Please submit the TA to Procurement capabilities at least ten (10) days in increase of the shuttle so they have time to method it and return an authorised reproduction to the worker. it’s the accountability of the worker to publish a copy of the authorized TA to the Cashier’s workplace three (3) working days previous to commute, to permit adequate time for the go back and forth enhance to be prepared. The employee may be notified when the trip improve determine is purchasable for pickup. she or he must individually opt for up the investigate from the Cashier’s workplace and signal a trip advance contract. within five (5) working days after the employee returns to his or her legit station, the employee ought to finished a TR-1 and publish it to money owed Payable. The employee might be reimbursed for the total amount claimed and authorised much less the trip increase. within the event the worker owes any element of the enhance again to the tuition, it ought to be paid within five (5) working days after return from the go back and forth. Failure to put up the TR-1 in a well timed manner may end up in the employee being permanently barred from receiving a trip advance. extra, the institution reserves the right to withhold any unpaid commute increase from the employee’s earnings if the boost stability is not cleared inside five (5) working days after return from the go back and forth. If the employee is not any longer employed with the aid of the college and the trip improve has now not been repaid with the aid of the borrower, the debt should be area to collections with the aid of an outdoor agency. additional information involving commute advances is determined on the travel site. again to suitable 10. go back and forth Reimbursements (TR-1) employee asking for a trip repayment have to complete a TR-1 kind. All types have to be prepared electronically, typewritten, or in ink, and submitted to accounts Payable with fashioned, itemized receipts connected. basic accountability for authenticating commute repayment claims rests with the executive head of the department, dean, or vice chancellor. the following shall apply to requests for trip reimbursement: fee will be made most effective to the worker. An employee may additionally no longer include on his or her TR-1 the prices of a further worker touring in his or her enterprise. compensation is not “per diem” and is to be claimed for genuine charges for nutrients and lodging only, now not to exceed the optimum allowable rates. The highest allowance for nutrients includes taxes and as much as a 15% tip compensation. If there is no special commute authorization, go back and forth allowances prescribed by using the State of Arkansas might be followed, devoid of waiver, for both in- and out-of-state go back and forth. compensation may not be claimed for food, lodging, or any objects supplied freed from cost for individuals or businesses. meals protected in a registration price fee don’t seem to be reimbursable as part of the per diem price. repayment can also no longer be made for lodging in a non-public home. No prices for nutrition or lodging can be allowed in the metropolis or city of the employee’s official station except the place allowed in these suggestions, laws, and techniques. long-established, itemized receipts are required for lodging, registration charges, apartment playing cards, parking, phone calls, taxis, shuttles, and business trip. This includes all costs that had been no longer paid by way of the employee that have been paid via travel card, direct billed, or pay as you go. long-established, itemized receipts ought to be submitted for all miscellaneous rate gadgets. In no case will handwritten receipts be authorized as an reputable receipt. A lacking document Affidavit should be submitted for all missing receipts in order to be considered for reimbursement. additionally, if an normal receipt isn’t available and a replica is being submitted, it have to be submitted with a missing document Affidavit. back to right eleven. reliable functions The institution of Arkansas at Little Rock has adopted policy 205.1 reputable capabilities, which defines legit capabilities and their appropriate charges for certified activities. The expenditure of funds for reputable capabilities need to comply with state accounting methods, state deciding to buy legal guidelines, and the UA Little Rock go back and forth coverage. procedures that should still be adopted to receive fee or reimbursement for charges for legit capabilities can be found here. returned to true.

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