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"This has been a great
lesson in remote website administration and dispensed library administration!"

In mid-1999, I (Ruth Kneale)
moved from my place of birth of Tucson, Arizona, to tropical Hilo, Hawaii, in
order to set up the library and archives for the Gemini Observatory. Gemini
is a multinational firm with two main telescope sites, one in Hawaii
and a twin in Chile. Gemini also maintains a undertaking workplace in Tucson.
I had been working in the Tucson workplace (while finishing up my grasp’s
in Library and suggestions Science at the college of Arizona), taking
care of the assignment’s technical documentation, architectural and mechanical
drawings, and the internet sites. (We had a minuscule library there consisting
of some international Society for Optical Engineering conference proceedings
and a Thomas Register, but no longer a great deal extra.) instantly after commencement,
I moved to Hawaii, assumed the mantle of observatory librarian, and was
given a large empty room to become our leading library and archives. i was
additionally offered the opportunity to manage the Joint Astronomy Centre (JAC)
library. The JAC is a neighboring observatory that had a library but no
librarian to manipulate it, and it had grown somewhat out of handle. (See my
article "Reclaiming the JAC Library" in the June 2000 challenge of tips
Outlook.) i was about to start coping with books, magazines, and journals,
in addition to the assignment archives i used to be already tracking.

So there i used to be, on the floor
and operating, with two libraries to domesticate. they say that to ensure that
the rest to grow in Hawaii, simply drop a seed and step returned. It became time
to see if the equal could be talked about about growing an geared up garden of knowledge
out of the wild fields of counsel I noticed forward of me.

getting ready the garden

as soon as i might complete the tasks
of laying out the room, ordering shelves, and overseeing their installation,
I had prepared the new Gemini library for books and it changed into time to birth
ordering. youngsters, I had to figure out how i was going to preserve track of
our new items with an incredibly restrained funds. I additionally needed to work out
a way to get the JAC library objects cataloged; there was a minimal textual content
file list some advice, but nothing more. Then I went to my first
web Librarian conference in November 1999, and i had high hopes of
finding all of the solutions I essential.

I went into the convention
excited in regards to the quite a few talks and shows i used to be going to look. however
i used to be additionally anxious to eventually birth looking for a complete answer for
our libraries, no longer only for the instant need but for the alterations that
would take location as the library grew from a starter seed right into a backyard.
I wish I may say that my seek the perfect "gardening device" changed into
resolved at this primary convention, but i was overwhelmed with the alternatives
that each dealer provided, and that i needed to determine if any of them had what
we did need devoid of an overload of the rest we did not. It become time to
beginning weeding.

Planning and Weeding

After the convention in
California, I went returned to Hilo and installation a brief answer in Microsoft
entry. I knew that i wished each merchandise to have its personal unique identification
number, together with the standard MARC-inspired cataloging tips like
title, creator, booklet counsel, call quantity, and many others. for the reason that we have
a fine many conference complaints, I additionally wanted to have a box to point out
the place the conference turned into held, and when. I installation a table in access that
described each and every field we necessary, and that i started entering objects into it in order
to get them out on the shelves and accessible to the observatory group of workers.

on the same time, I begun
evaluating the numerous demo packages and literature that I had either brought
back from web Librarian or had had sent to me from the vendors. I
looked at products from groups like Cuadra, SIRSI, and Innopac, and
found a few equipment that appeared very usable. The a considerable number of carriers certain
me that any modules I didn’t need may well be removed from the last tool.
The possibilities had been a large number of, and several programs had been very attractive—until
I noticed the expenses. lamentably, I could not afford a single probably the most products
I had discovered about at web Librarian, notwithstanding the unneeded sections
were removed. The expenses were just too excessive for my whimpering budget to

by way of this time, I had employed
an assistant librarian, and we had been running into issues as we persevered
to use access. The largest become that we could not enter publication assistance
concurrently. This became a little irritating! So I headed to the special
Libraries association’s 2000 annual assembly in Philadelphia. This time
i used to be greater organized for the onslaught of offerings from the companies; I
started asking appropriate off what the package prices have been, whether they provided
any govt, academic, or small-library coupon codes, and in the event that they had been
multi-consumer equipment. I went returned and visited a number of of the providers from web
Librarian, and spoke with several greater, like OCLC and TLC. I additionally began
investigating alternate systems. every thing i would seen at information superhighway Librarian
was Microsoft home windows-based, and that i had a different platform I could run from—Linux.

a new Plan for the garden

i’d been to two conferences
thus far trying to discover an present tool that healthy Gemini’s wants. I had begun
to agree with it became time to re-think the form of the backyard. back to information superhighway
Librarian I went, this time to attend the a number of talks about Linux in
the libraries and to see if most likely whatever existed in that world that
would supply my struggling garden the room that it needed to develop. unfortunately,
if a Linux-based tool existed, I ignored that speak at the conference. I
got here again from Monterey, California, with a new aim—we might construct
what we crucial ourselves.

besides being Gemini’s
librarian, i am additionally the Webmaster. I at last realized that I had a wonderfully
respectable device correct at hand with the net. I might build an internet-primarily based form that
both the assistant librarian and that i could use on the identical time. We may
additionally use it from any computer with web entry. I deploy a password-covered
library administration enviornment on our net server, built a entrance-end kind to
enter all the cataloging information, and developed a template for the
catalog output web page. What I crucial was a tool that might take our cataloging
enter from the kind, assign that suggestions to the proper catalog primarily based
on ownership (Gemini or JAC), assign the merchandise a special id quantity, and generate
two internet pages for the merchandise (a publicly viewable catalog web page and a personal
web page limited to the librarians). I approached Colin Aspin, one of Gemini’s
scientists who become a large library supporter and a programmer, in regards to the
possibility of writing a program to address this.

The ultimate Gardening

Colin and that i first defined
what information crucial to be saved in the database and got here up with a
listing of steps to catalog each library acquisition:

Gemini’s net server runs Apache,
on a pc running purple Hat Linux 6.2. It additionally has several circumstances of the
WebGlimpse search engine operating on it, for a variety of search features.


The output from the HTML kind
described above POSTs the textual content entries to a Perl-based CGI script on the


The Perl script takes the enter
entries and appends them to one in every of two sequential entry text data (one
for Gemini, one for the JAC), one library acquisition being one line of
the textual content file. This has the added benefit of producing a delimited textual content
file that can also be imported into any variety of classes.


The script subsequent creates two
HTML layout net pages: one containing the entries which are for standard
entry, a "public" page with title, authors, call quantity, vicinity, and many others.;
and one for access by the librarians simplest, the "libadmin" web page. The latter
consists of all the public page advice plus entries now not of hobby to
the general public like requestor of the merchandise, supplier, charge, and so forth.


These HTML pages are archived
in separate directories with appropriate permissions in response to conclusion-clients.


An example of the WebGlimpse
search engine turned into tailor-made to look the general public web pages for key words
similar to author, title phrases, area, etc. this is the closing formula that
users want in order to find out what titles are available in the library
and the place they are found.


An choice to re-generate all
HTML pages turned into protected on the input kind. this fashion, once we discover typos
or the inevitable cataloging blunders, we can trade just the text file,
and do not deserve to trade each and every HTML file within the separate directories.

The Perl CGI script that receives
the entry counsel from the HTML web entry page at present calls classes
written in Fortran seventy seven to manipulate the database textual content file (to add new
entries or delete undesirable ones). This manner may have with ease been
finished in Perl, but with Colin’s 20 years’ adventure in Fortran and only
2 years in Perl, the Fortran crept into the equipment with the aid of default!

This complete manner, from
opting for what should go into the database to beginning to input information
by means of the web-based mostly kind, took about a month. there have been a few iterations
and verify runs of the kind itself with nonsense data, after which just a few extra
iterations of the complete process after the entry statistics were exported to
a text file. After the customary facts were in region, with the Perl-appended
text file and the internet web page generation working neatly, I started the use of the web
kind solely to catalog our new books.

Future growth Plans

As my 2-12 months contract time
became coming to a close, the database turned into all install and the objects that had
been purchased seeing that June 1999 had been entered into the brand new catalog. but
we weren’t entire populating the Gemini collection yet. (no longer through an extended
shot!) The two decades’ worth of the JAC library collection nonetheless essential to
be looked after. As i discussed previous, there changed into a basic textual content file but
no further advice, so each item essential to be entered into the brand new
database as well. I had to circulation lower back to Tucson, but my assistant Virginia
Smith remained in Hilo, and we’re nonetheless working on the project collectively.
As we purchase new objects for the libraries, we’re each entering items into
the database; Virginia is also slowly working her means throughout the JAC back-cataloging
mission. This has been a superb lesson in far off web site administration and
distributed library administration! At this writing, we have been using our
home-grown answer for just under a year, and it is working like a allure
for each of us.

What we plan on implementing
in the next couple of months (so it’s more likely to be in area by the time
you read this) is a checkout module that can be used through either me, my assistant
librarian, an administrative assistant at the JAC, or an administrative
assistant in Chile who continues a watch on the Gemini South library for me.
at present, our checkout process is a customer placing her identify and the
date on a library card and leaving the cardboard when she takes the ebook. We
music usage information in the Gemini North library by using coming into the counsel
into a spreadsheet; despite the fact, this system is not very positive, and fairly
unusable at the JAC and Gemini South.

What we envision is a separate
net-based kind, accessible again from the password-covered internet site,
which would enable the acceptable particular person to enter the pleasing identification quantity
from the e-book, and to notice that it’s checked out, the borrower’s identify,
and the date. The form’s program would get the acceptable full catalog
tips from the information info and generate two new net pages; the general public
one would comfortably point out even if or now not the publication is checked out, while
the libadmin one would tell us who checked it out and when. As books are
again, the equal kind can be used to indicate a check-in; new web pages
generated would indicate the e-book become obtainable. this could allow our customers
to peer right away no matter if the item they’d be in the hunt for is obtainable or now not.
we would nevertheless use our library card checkout process; we shouldn’t have the
budget or the actual estate to deploy a checkout laptop in any of the
libraries, and the staff contributors in all the places which are using the
cards say that here’s a very easy manner. So I determine, if it ain’t broke,
do not repair it!

in addition, Colin and i
plan to upgrade the Perl/Fortran scripting/programming to be utterly Perl-based,
in addition to to examine storing the acquisition database in a Sybase
equipment rather than a simple text file. because Perl has dazzling modules
for Sybase database access, this should still be somewhat feasible.

What we have now Planted Will
proceed to Flourish

The totally grown backyard
that I see ahead for Gemini’s libraries continues to be most effective an image in my mind,
however i will be able to overlay it to the groundwork we’ve already finished and spot it beginning
to bloom. without Colin’s programming skills, this effort would have
been for naught; many kudos and thanks to him for his willingness to make
the equipment.

i hope that sooner or later, some
automation providers will see that additional-small libraries that wouldn’t have
consortia or colossal institution affiliations need their features too; in
the interim we are going to be content to build and use our own equipment to retain our
flourishing suggestions garden in good form.


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