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Narcissism and OCD handle source: Carlos de Toro / Unsplash The observe narcissism appears to make americans’s ears perk up. There appears to be a lot of curiosity about how to establish a narcissist and the way to contend with them. I think this notice, narcissist, gets misused very often in American lifestyle. I hear a lot of people defining their former significant other or romantic associate as "narcissist." It appears the 2d the connection fails, the other adult’s narcissistic tendencies were to blame. How again and again have we heard from our friends that their divorce legal professional or therapist told them that their ex is a "narcissist"? This verbiage additionally gets flung around to describe people who take lots of selfies or put a ton of Tik Toks of themselves on social media. I want to make it clear, that none of this qualifies as actual criteria for the Narcissistic personality disease (NPD).  Narcissistic character disorder involves a protracted-standing pattern of the sufferer needing admiration from different people. These individuals customarily cannot handle critical comments and have a grandiose experience of entitlement. people with this ailment lack a way of empathy for those round them and are very critical in opposition t others. They constantly have a pattern of stricken relationships. people near the narcissist continually see them as bossy, problematic, rigid, and unsympathetic. individuals with NPD are extraordinarily proof against altering their habits, even when it’s causing them issues. as with any character problems, it is customarily those around the narcissist that have a problem with their conduct, however not the NPD sufferer. The NPD sufferer will blame the entire americans around them for his or her struggles. they will no longer view the circumstance as their fault and, in therapy, they’re going to current as being extremely important of the people of their ambiance. Their tendency is to turn the blame on to others. The people close to the narcissist will continually go along with the NPD particular person’s requests and demands since it is a whole lot more convenient than coping with the penalties of going against the narcissist. Some examples of how somebody with NPD could react to an extra now not doing what they ask may be an exceptionally long lecture, cold and distant demeanor, or years of the silent medicine. When an OCD sufferer also has NPD, it appears distinctive than the OCD adult with out NPD. as an instance, when an OCD sufferer has an unwanted and intrusive notion that contains an additional person, they are going to always be mindful and empathetic to the theory that they can not control the different adult. They do not suppose others may still be doing compulsions for them. An OCD sufferer who does not have NPD agrees that their compulsive behaviors are worrying and upsetting to these around them. Whereas, the OCD particular person with NPD operates below the philosophy that everyone round them should still do anything else and every little thing to make them suppose relaxed. They suppose entitled and deserving of that, so, the NPD / OCD person doesn’t see a need to change their own behaviors, reasonably, they consider that others round them should alternate. When others do not change, they can turn into extremely enraged and excessively disillusioned.  for example, I had a client who met the criteria for both OCD and NPD, he turned into a person in his mid-forties. He become passionate about having clear flooring in his house. He was unable to walk barefoot in his house no remember how clean the flooring have been. He turned into extraordinarily controlling of his spouse’s flooring running habits. He as soon as noticed her going for walks barefoot across the condo, he demanded that she automatically wash and disinfect her ft before she would get into the bed. She, who typically turned into always compulsion compliant, forgot someday and received into mattress with “contaminated” toes. In response, he spent hours and hours speakme to her in regards to the pain she caused him. He spent the subsequent month slumbering in an additional room and in an additional bed and ignored her for a number of weeks. An OCD better half who does not have NPD would also become extraordinarily upset and uncomfortable at the proposal of their wife “contaminating” the mattress. although, this class of husband would absolutely do lots of compulsive behaviors himself, now not involving her, to be able to make himself feel comfortable. He may alternate the sheets, stay away from his foot meeting hers below the covers, or wear socks to bed. there is a superb possibility he would now not say the rest in any respect to his significant other. The essential change is the OCD better half who doesn’t have NPD will now not believe that his "comfort” is his spouse’s responsibility. typically, he will believe compassionate and empathetic toward his wife. He might also consider, my wife is exhausted and she or he must sleep. The NPD/OCD individual will now not suppose this manner. This grownup would not have any difficulty staring at their spouse alternate sheets and do their compulsions all over the nighttime.  remedy for OCD becomes complex when there’s a co-morbid personality disease. I utilize a mixture of RIP-R and CBT for personality disorders with these purchasers. Couples and family unit remedy may also also be helpful. in addition to, Dialectical behavior remedy.  in case you feel you or a family member is suffering from OCD, please reach out to a licensed intellectual health care provider on your enviornment.  This startup founder has raised $75 million with a one-slide pitch deck. right here’s why he thinks this is a winning method. Vidyard has raised $75 million in funding the usage of a one-slide pitch deck. the only slide focuses on a chart showing the enterprise’s accelerating annual habitual revenue cost. the one-slide format presents buyers probably the most vital assistance they need — and permits their junior group participants to get a hold of a compelling case for an funding, referred to Michael Litt, Vidyard’s cofounder and CEO. It helps that Vidyard has a powerful chart to reveal; the enterprise has attracted a large and growing number of shoppers for its video production and internet hosting utility and services. seek advice from company Insider’s homepage for more reports. Many startup founders spend hours belaboring their pitch decks, making an attempt to get a hold of the appropriate combination and order of slides and information to entice investors.  now not so Michael Litt. His investor presentation is just one slide. however to Litt, that slide, which features a chart illustrating his enterprise’s genuine and projected annual habitual income, is the just one that matters. And traders appear to agree. using that chart, Litt has been capable of lift $75 million in funding for his business, Vidyard, throughout a seed round, three task rounds, and a debt financing round. "every single time we’ve got approached [fundraising] using this method, an investor has decided to eventually write a investigate or subject a term sheet," Litt informed enterprise Insider in an interview Monday. it be helped that Vidyard has had a compelling chart to show. The Canadian startup, which presents application equipment that permit groups to effortlessly create, put up, and share videos, has posted continuously increasing earnings increase and has a methodology — sketched out on the slide — to further increase its effects. Litt and his cofounder knew video changed into going to be big Litt and cofounder Devon Galloway came up with the concept that grew to be Vidyard about 10 years ago on a go-continent go back and forth from Silicon Valley, where Litt changed into working on the time, to Waterloo, Ontario, the place they’d gone to college collectively and where Galloway was then working. After catching up and operating out of small talk, they all started brainstorming startup concepts. From their observations within the working world, they knew that digital video became becoming an important communication tool for organizations, certainly for advertising and marketing to their advantage purchasers and offering them assist. however there wasn’t yet loads of video on the web and many organizations lacked the talents to create and produce it. They decided to create a video construction company to cater to those organizations. that they had some success attracting customers. however many of their purchasers wanted something greater — a method to position the movies Litt and Galloway had created onto their net sites. on the time, one of the crucial popular options for with no trouble embedding a video on a website turned into to make use of YouTube. For companies, notwithstanding, YouTube had a lot of disadvantages. The YouTube video player carried YouTube’s brand. The participant that organizations would embed of their websites linked out to the YouTube web page, potentially luring valued clientele away. And whereas YouTube offers companies aggregate facts on who watched their video clips, the Vidyard’s customers wanted to grasp certainly which individuals had been looking at their movies and for a way lengthy in order that they may follow up with them or tweak their messages. "YouTube changed into just with ease not the surest answer for these corporations and what they were attempting to do with video," Litt talked about. Vidyard focused on offering digital video tools for organizations So he and Galloway decided to construct some software to allow groups to host video on their personal sites, without having to rely on YouTube. finally, after going through the Y Combinator accelerator program, they decided to drop their video construction effort and center of attention on their application. The business, now offers cell apps and an extension for Chrome, and its software makes it possible for purchasers to record movies and simply submit them on their websites. It also host videos for purchasers and may help them customize their recordings. And it helps customer song and market to americans staring at the video clips, integrating with Salesforce’s consumer relationship administration service. It presents its provider to each small and medium-sized corporations and to commercial enterprise-category customers. It sells its carrier on a subscription groundwork, however has a free edition of its application that abilities valued clientele can are trying earlier than signing up. We "simply concentrated 100% on building a video answer for entrepreneurs, for help and consumer adventure gurus and for sales people to aid them flip viewers into purchasers," Litt observed. "That changed into the whole pitch." That pitch has resonated with corporations. Vidyard expects to have 10,000 paying valued clientele inside the subsequent yr, and it be introduced some four.7 million individual, free users simply considering the fact that the beginning of March. The enterprise, which has more than 200 personnel, is already ecocnomic, Litt talked about, and is plowing some its gains again into its personal advertising efforts. Litt thinks VC acquaintances can make a more robust pitch than he can That variety of success has made it more convenient for the company to carry cash via its one-slide presentation, Litt noted. counting on just one slide become a aware decision to boil down a pitch deck to its most critical element, he pointed out. "each organization knows how to build a pitch and promote itself, however at the end of the day, what buyers ultimately care about is the trajectory of the enterprise from a monetary point of view," he spoke of. To make sure, buyers customarily ask for extra assistance earlier than writing a examine or sending over a time period sheet. they’ll usually do their due diligence by way of checking out Vidyard’s audited economic records and speakme with its valued clientele. but it truly is part of the pondering in the back of having a one-slide presentation, Litt observed. The average wisdom in Silicon Valley is that to entice a venture funding, a founder should win over probably the most task companions. Litt’s method, although, is to target the project establishments’ junior-stage buddies. they may be those who typically research talents investments. in the event that they’re excited about the enterprise, they could make a more compelling investments case than Litt thinks he ever may, as a result of they understand how to consult with and convince the partners. and they’re encouraged to push a deal, as a result of this is how they strengthen. "they will construct an improved revenue pitch than I ever could," he observed. here’s a version of the one-pitch deck Vidyard has used to carry $seventy five million in funding: extended stay the usa, Inc.: don’t Sleep On This stock To make sure this doesn’t turn up in the future, please enable Javascript and cookies to your that this happening to you commonly? 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