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Export facts from your site as an Excel Spreadsheet Excel is among the most typical formats for viewing and dealing with tabular records. For that reason, it best makes sense to give your visitors the choice of downloading web site information as an Excel spreadsheet. Many sites have opted for the more straightforward Comma Separated Values (CSV) textual content structure, fearing that Excel data could most effective be generated using Microsoft applied sciences. now not real; the PHPExcel personal home page library makes it handy to study and write Excel content material. In ultra-modern tutorial, we are going to get a taste of its capabilities by using dumping some net area facts in a spreadsheet and serving it to the customer – all at the push of a button! About PHPExcel PHPExcel is a component of the better PHPOffice collection. It formally got here together as a GitHub challenge on June 10, 2012. It incorporates three tasks: PHPExcel, PowerPoint, and be aware. Developer Maarten Balliauw in fact started working on PHPExcel returned in 2007 because he desired "to determine how complicated it may well be to create Excel 2007 data the use of PHP5." To his surprise, it became conceivable! encouraged by way of his development, Balliauw persisted with the open-supply challenge that he hosted on Microsoft CodePlex. This ultimately ended in a edition 1.0.0 unencumber of PHPExcel on February 23, 2007. Of the tree PHPOffice projects, PHPExcel continues to be the most active one. The deploy you are going to want an internet server that may run php information. There are a lot of good free construction servers to choose between. I personally use WampServer since it’s so effortless to make use of and configure. The subsequent step is to fetch PHPExcel. that you can down load PHPExcel appropriate from Github. I selected to download it as a .zip archive. to use the PHPExcel library, all you need to do is extract its contents to a directory beneath your server’s net root. I created a subdirectory called "phpExcel" as a result of i like to keep every undertaking cut loose one an extra. The listing constitution should still seem like this: The main library interface file is PHPExcel.php. it be discovered in the appropriate-degree "classes" folder, so, if you create php file for your assignment root (/phpExcel), then that you would be able to bring the PHPExcel.php into your project by including the following line on the accurate of your php file: <?php require_once ‘courses/PHPExcel.Hypertext Preprocessor’; The data Our spreadsheet will contain some stats for 3 web domains. really, it be the exact identical records that may be displayed on our webstats.html touchdown page. In a true production state of affairs, the statistics could be coming from a database, feed, or a mixture of both. For state-of-the-art demo, we are going to maintain things primary by using storing every thing in an array, where every aspect incorporates an associative array that uses the column headers as the key: $webstats = array( array( "domain"=>"", "fame"=>"200 adequate", "pace"=>0.57, "last Backup"=>"2017-10-27", "SSL certificate?"=>"No" ), array( "domain"=>"", "repute"=>"301 redirect detected", "speed"=>1.08, "remaining Backup"=>"2017-10-27", "SSL certificates?"=>"sure" ), array( "area"=>"", "reputation"=>"500 Server Error!", "pace"=>0.fifty two, "closing Backup"=>"2017-09-27", "SSL certificates?"=>"sure" ) ); Serving up a Spreadsheet because there are a couple of very specific steps to observe to be able to create, alter, and serve a spreadsheet to the customer, let’s break them down. Instantiating the Spreadsheet Object earlier than we will work with a spreadsheet, we should instantiate the PHPExcel library using the brand new key phrase: $objPHPExcel = new PHPExcel(); It returns an empty Excel object for us to populate. Writing to the active Sheet Referencing the lively sheet is as convenient as calling our Excel object’s getActiveSheet() components. The Sheet object has a lot of its personal methods for working with each the sheet’s content and styles. as an instance, that you would be able to set a sheet’s title, particular person cell values, and font sizes. much more entertaining is the fromArray() components. It permits us to dump an entire array’s contents onto the sheet: $activeSheet = $objPHPExcel->getActiveSheet(); $activeSheet->setTitle(‘web page Stats page’); $activeSheet->setCellValue(‘A1’, ‘website Stats page’); $activeSheet->getStyle("A1")->getFont()->setSize(sixteen); //output headers $activeSheet->fromArray(array_keys($webstats[0]), NULL, ‘A3’); //output values $activeSheet->fromArray($webstats, NULL, ‘A4’); setting the HTTP Headers however that you could retailer a spreadsheet to disk, we do not want to do this. as a substitute, we’re going to come it to the customer. To do that, we need to set some HTTP headers: header(‘content-type: application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet’); header(‘content material-Disposition: attachment;filename="webstats.xlsx"’); header(‘Cache-manage: max-age=0’); The content-type header tells the client (browser in our case) to predict a spreadsheet. The content-Disposition header units the file name. The Cache-handle header tells the client that the response is stale from the get-go and so they may still revalidate the response (e.g. with the If-now not-Modified header) earlier than the use of a cached reproduction. Writing the Response The ultimate step is to put in writing the Excel file to the output movement. here is executed through: creating a author object the use of the PHPExcel_IOFactory. The 2d parameter determines the output structure. Saving the Excel object to the Hypertext Preprocessor output move. $objWriter = PHPExcel_IOFactory::createWriter($objPHPExcel, ‘Excel2007’); $objWriter->keep(‘personal home page://output’); Triggering the File download below the records table on the webstats.html web page, there is a kind with a submit button that without difficulty calls our down load.Hypertext Preprocessor script. in view that the kind is rarely sending any statistics, we could have just as effectively used a link and even JavaScript. <desk border=1 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=3> <tbody> <tr trend="heritage-colour:#E5E4E2;"> <th>domain</th> <th>repute</th> <th>pace</th> <th>final Backup</th> <th>SSL certificate?</th> </tr> <tr> <td><a href=""></a></td> <td vogue="history-colour:eco-friendly;colour:white;">200 good enough</td> <td>0.57 seconds</td> <td>2017-10-27</td> <td>No</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href=""></a></td> <td trend="historical past-colour:orange;colour:white;">301 redirect detected</td> <td>1.08 seconds</td> <td>2017-10-27</td> <td>sure</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href=""></a></td> <td style="heritage-colour:darkred;colour:white;">500 Server Error!</td> <td>0.52 seconds</td> <td>2017-09-27</td> <td>sure</td> </tr> </tbody> </desk> <kind motion="download.personal home page"> <p><button category="put up">down load as Excel Spreadsheet</button></p> </form> working the Demo To run the demo, deliver up the webstats.html web page by means of your internet server. The URL might be some thing like http://localhost/phpExcel/webstats.html. right here’s what it appears like: when you click the down load button, the browser may still ask you what you would love to do with the file – i.e. Open, shop, or keep As. here is the webstats.xlsx file with our information (be aware that column widths were expanded to exhibit the complete cellphone contents): down load this .zip archive to discover both info that we labored on here these days. Conclusion during this tutorial, we acquired a style of PHPExcel’s capabilities with the aid of dumping some internet domain facts. In future articles, we are going to delve deeper into PHPExcel’s formatting capabilities through dynamically replicating the webstats HTML table in a spreadsheet in addition to tackle how to address errors. Rob Gravelle resides in Ottawa, Canada. His design business has developed web functions for a large number of organizations and govt corporations. email him. Rob’s alter-ego, "Blackjacques", is an accomplished guitar participant, who has released a couple of CDs and cover songs. His band, Ivory Knight, turned into rated as one of Canada’s properly difficult rock and metallic organizations by way of brave words magazine (concern #ninety two). Retriving data from excel sheet into an asp web page 14 Years ago hi guys I study this post when I received stuck connecting to excel. I now have a way that works for me. i’m now not thoroughly certain of the pros and cons of using this system. ‘Dims Dim cn Dim rs Dim strQuery ‘——— set cn = server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") set rs = server.CreateObject("adodb.recordset") With cn .issuer = "MSDASQL" .ConnectionString = "Driver=Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls);" & "DBQ=C:inetpubwwwrootserveradotest.xls; ReadOnly=False;" .Open end With ‘If not the use of a named latitude, change myrange1 with [sheet1$] strQuery = "opt for * FROM myRange1" rs.Open strquery, cn ‘examine for information rs.MoveFirst if rs.BOF = actual and rs.EOF = authentic then ‘no facts response.Write "Error:: items spreadsheet is empty!" else ‘data Exist ‘Loop through statistics printing out the fields while no longer rs.EOF response.Write rs.Fields(0) & " " & rs.Fields(1) & " " & rs.Fields(2) & "<BR><BR>" rs.MoveNext wend end if ‘Cleanup rs.close cn.shut set cn = nothing set rs = nothing 0 0 Edited 7 Years ago by way of happygeek as a result of: fastened formatting 10 Years ago string filename = @"C:myfile.xls"; string connectionString = "issuer=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.four.0;" + "facts source=" + filename + ";" + "extended properties=Excel eight.0;"; OleDbDataAdapter dataAdapter = new OleDbDataAdapter("select * FROM [Sheet1$]", strConn); DataSet myDataSet = new DataSet(); dataAdapter.Fill(myDataSet, "ExcelInfo"); DataTable dataTable = myDataSet.Tables["ExcelInfo"]; var query = from r in dataTable.AsEnumerable() choose new RelationNr = r.container<double>("RelationNumber"), ClientName = r.container<string>("ClientName"), ; foreach (var item in query) Console.WriteLine(item.ClientName); …Hope it is going to assist. 0 0 Edited 10 Years ago by means of Ezzaral as a result of: brought code tags. Please use them to structure any code that you simply put up. a way to Calculate the Budgeted cost of labor Scheduled in Excel assignment administration includes planning and monitoring budgets and schedules. Small enterprise owners can’t put up proposals for work in the event that they cannot reveal the advantage customer the labor charges over the period of the mission. Many assignment management utility packages calculate this automatically, but these utility applications are add-ons and value more money — no longer an excellent circumstance for a small business proprietor simply getting begun. happily, small enterprise owners can nevertheless existing a clear accounting of the budgeted charge of work over the scheduled projects in Excel, which is already part of Microsoft’s business utility equipment. select group of workers accurately selecting the right team of workers makes or breaks a challenge, so read the project define and determine the personnel who will successfully comprehensive the venture. seize their profits and benefits tips. Open Excel and store a brand new workbook under a mission-certain identify. right-click on "Sheet 1" within the workbook. click on "Rename" and change "Sheet 1" to "Labor and fees," or some thing to indicate this sheet incorporates the individuals assigned to the undertaking and their profits and overhead charges. break the workforce Down every small business owner should know what every employee is working on to be sure supplies are allotted without difficulty. Create a heading to point out personnel in field A1 and list the team of workers assigned to the project in Column A. Small enterprise homeowners also need to know how a whole lot each employee is costing them, so create a profits heading for Column B in box B1. Enter each worker’s annual gross salary next to his identify in Column B. Create a advantages heading for Column C, and enter the volume of every employee’s annual merits equipment. Use Column D for overhead costs, if critical. as an instance, if hiring temporary administrative staff from an company to work on this challenge, enter the agency expenses for each and every temp in Column D. installation worker expenses for the undertaking Calculate every employee’s complete profits beneath Column E. location the cursor in container "E2" for the primary employee. category in the formula: =B2+C2+D2. Hit the "Enter" key. copy and paste the method for each employee. place the cursor within the lower right-hand aspect of E2 until it makes a plus signal. dangle the left-mouse button and drag the cursor down Column E to highlight all worker fields. release the button and permit Excel to auto fill the formulation for each and every worker. Write a formula in Column F to calculate each worker’s total hourly wage. The components is: employee’s annual salary divided by means of the hours worked per week divided through fifty two. region the cursor in box F2 and type: =E2/40/52. reproduction and paste the method for the rest of the personnel. time table Labor Now that the charge tips is in region, divvying up the group of workers time is the next step in calculating the budgeted cost of work over the work scheduled in Excel. correct-click on on Sheet 2 of the workbook and rename the sheet "Labor fees," or anything to replicate the specific hours and charges of every employee on the venture. Plot out the period of the undertaking through month starting in Column B. Use a brand new column each different column for every month. If the venture ran from January via June of 2012, label field B1 "Jan 2012," container D1 "Feb. 2012," field F1 "March 2012," etc. spotlight fields B1 and C1. click the "domestic" tab. opt for "Merge and center" from the alignment neighborhood. click on "Merge throughout." try this for each and every month-to-month heading to middle the months with two columns below each. Label both columns beneath each month "Hours" and "salary." Assign group of workers Hours and Calculate the expenses list the employees from Sheet 1 on Sheet 2 in the equal order under Column A. beginning at the first open line below the Column B through M headers. Enter the total variety of hours each worker will work on the challenge monthly below the "Hours" column for each and every month. vicinity the cursor within the open "profits" container subsequent to the first worker’s hours for Jan 2012. Write the formula to calculate her complete income by finishing here steps in order: — classification within the equal signal "=" — click on Sheet 1 — click on on the field the place the worker’s hourly rate is calculated — type the star key (*) key — click on Sheet 2 — click on on the hours entered for the employee to work that month — Hit the "Enter" key. The ensuing formula should still appear to be: =’Labor and rates’!F2*’Labor prices’!B3. replica and paste the components for every worker for the month of January. Repeat the procedure for every month unless the monthly salaries for every worker are totaled. convey It domestic Grand complete the monthly columns by using putting the cursor on the backside of every "profits" column and hitting the "AutoSum" key (which looks like a Greek alphabet E) within the toolbar on the appropriate of the web page. The outcome is the overall budgeted can charge of each personnel work over the scheduled undertaking via employee and by means of month..

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