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Lettuce find out how to scrub Produce As many as 20 people may additionally have touched your produce before you did, so make sure you wash all fruit and veggies — even those with peels and rinds. John Nordell/Getty images disguise caption toggle caption John Nordell/Getty images Precut Fruit and greens WHAT THE consultants SAY: Feist says to be certain that the produce has been pre-washed. "when you are now not certain," she says. "which you can always wash it once again." additionally be certain precut vegatables and fruits had been refrigerated effectively. "cut products release mobile juices," LaBorde says. "If there are bacteria latest, there’s extra food for them." My grandfather confirmed me the key to deciding upon an ideal cantaloupe the summer season I turned 7. "First you think the backside, to see if it gives," he mentioned, driving his fingers along the grooves. "after which you scent it. that you may all the time tell a cantaloupe’s going to be good incidentally it smells." My grandfather –- who worked in a supermarket his entire life — not ever outlined scrubbing the cantaloupe with a brush to ruin pathogens. He also not ever pointed out the rest a couple of cantaloupe being anti-acidic –- which makes the fleshy interior primarily vulnerable to bacterial boom. Who knew? but cantaloupes, I now understand, aren’t the simplest fruit that requires particular attention to your kitchen sink. A nationwide E. coli outbreak linked to spinach has pressured salad lovers to examine their produce extra carefully. meals-protection experts say that, counting on which vegetables and fruit you eat, there are particular tips on how to evade contaminated produce and meals-borne ailments. definitely, the FDA says that all fruits and vegetables, including those who are organically grown, could improvement from an intensive washing to remove soil, floor microbes, and a few pesticides. food security experts admit that the possibility of getting definitely unwell from a salad or fruit cup is extraordinarily tiny. youngsters, they advocate that people with compromised immune programs and those looking after small little ones, whose immune techniques are not thoroughly developed, should completely scrub all produce. right here’s a rundown on quite a few produce items you may additionally have in your fridge, and the way the experts suppose make sure you wash them. For a truth investigate, we also acquired one real mother’s opinion. (Full disclosure: the "real mom" is my mom, Robyn Kramer, who says, "I’ve not ever given you guys [me, my brothers, my dad] fruit that is rarely clean.") we will see about that, mother. All fruits and vegetables WHAT THE specialists SAY: Rinse all produce below working faucet water, suggests Shelley Feist, government director of the Partnership for meals safety training, a nonprofit neighborhood that educates the public about safe meals-coping with. "don’t fill your sink with water and let produce take a seat in there," she says. That might not remove dust with ease. To eradicate exterior bacteria, all you deserve to do is rub your produce below working water with your palms. Fruit and vegetable washes bought in supermarkets don’t do the job any better, says Feist. Nor does cleaning soap, detergent, or bleach. true mother: She scoffs at detergents for vegetables and fruit. "I have no idea why people buy that stuff on the grocery store," she says. "it be a rip-off. you could have in no way gotten ill from me simply rinsing it with water, have you ever?" Produce with Rinds, Grooves or Waxy dermis WHAT THE specialists SAY: This category comprises melons, cucumbers, wintry weather squash, citrus, and potatoes, and all of them may still be scrubbed with a brush, says Luke LaBorde, affiliate professor in Penn State university’s department of meals Science. Potatos and melon grooves suggest your palms can’t rub off all of the filth. Waxy-skinned citrus fruit and cucumbers may have pathogens sticking to the outside. All visible filth and particles should be removed, and the produce should still be scrubbed to be sure pathogens don’t seem to be sticking to the sticky wax. Laborde notes, "There have been a few microbial outbreaks involving cantaloupes as a result of they may be grown close the ground and may select up grime." The grime may additionally contain microorganisms unfold through terrible irrigation techniques within the field. These pathogens are likely to thrive on the grooved floor of a cantaloupe. LaBorde recommends rinsing all visible dirt off a melon earlier than consuming it. "if you reduce open the cantaloupe," he says, "that you would be able to switch bacteria to the fleshy half internal." and because a cantaloupe is not an acidic fruit — not like, say, a tart apple — bacteria can develop more comfortably on the fleshy half. actual mother: Sounds sensible to her. "I do not continually wash cantaloupes," she says. "but i would believe that when you are chopping it and the knife goes through it, then the outside of the cantaloupe hits one a part of the knife and also you don’t know if the dirty half’s going to hit the internal." Bananas WHAT THE specialists SAY: believe it or not, you may wish to rinse off your banana, says Feist. there may be under no circumstances been a selected outbreak linked to the fruit, but think about what number of hands touch the fruit before it gets to your mouth. Your fingers may pick up the micro organism on the unwashed peel. real mom: "I don’t believe that’s loopy to scrub bananas," she says. "If the outside of the peel touches the fruit, i will be able to see why americans would do that." Leafy Bunched greens (Lettuce, Cabbage) WHAT THE consultants SAY: Leafy greens can be difficult, as a result of like cantaloupes, they develop near the ground, the place bacteria from irrigation techniques thrive. LaBorde recommends plucking the outer layer of lettuce leaves off the pinnacle earlier than entirely rinsing the leaves in water. "Rinse a couple of times except you can’t see any seen filth," he says "Then spin them in one of these vegetable dryers." in case your lettuce is bagged and marked "able-to-devour," the FDA says or not it’s safe to eat with out rewashing it. however different specialists disagree and propose washing every little thing that comes out of equipped-to-eat luggage. if you are saving your lettuce or cabbage for later, he recommends drying off the leaves before placing them within the fridge. removing the moisture will prevent the growth of bacteria. real mom: "I have water operating right into a bowl," she says, " after which I put the lettuce leaves in the bowl and i swish it round with my fingers and then I maintain draining it — I do this about 6 instances." (LaBorde says her approach is ample, notwithstanding "that could be a bit overkill. simply make certain you can’t see any visible grime on the leaves.") Sprouts WHAT THE experts SAY: bacteria equivalent to E. coli and salmonella can get into the seeds through cracks in the shell earlier than the sprouts are grown, in accordance with the FDA. These bacteria are unattainable to rinse out, and the FDA issued a warning in 1998 recommending that high-risk agencies (little ones, elderly, those with compromised immune programs) stay away from sprouts. LaBorde points out that almost all sprout seeds come from the same sources, so it wouldn’t make a change in case you tried starting to be spouts at home. "in the event that they’re contaminated, they may be contaminated in the box," he says. "before the seeds even get to the buyer." actual mom: "no person would eat sprouts during this condo, so I should not have to fret." Bunched Fruit WHAT THE experts SAY: Rinse below running water in a colander (so that you do not drop any blueberries or grapes in the sink). a spray nozzle may provide a more thorough cleaning. Feist says you can also are looking to additionally blot your bunches dry with a paper towel to be certain each and every grape or strawberry is clean and to wipe off any residual dirt. precise mother: "I take the sprayer from the sink and maintain spraying water on the grapes and that i swish them around. I do that every day as a result of Michael [her son and my brother] eats them for lunch." "I don’t get those americans who pluck grapes off in the supermarket and devour them," provides my mom. "They’d have to be loopy." The 411 on Conducting a home Waste Audit in keeping with the EPA, the average grownup generates 4.51 pounds of waste per day. have you ever puzzled in case you’re on the excessive or low end of the size? that you can find out by means of conducting a family unit waste audit. i know, it doesn’t sound like enjoyable digging through your rubbish, but the most fulfilling approach to cut back your waste is to “know what you throw.” I’ll stroll you through the procedure under in my very own waste audit. Reminder: each waste audit is wonderful, so don’t predict your outcomes to be the identical as mine. each and every household has diverse procuring habits, and every community has distinctive guidelines for rubbish, recycling, and compost assortment. I live in a two-person residence with out a infants, in a city with a population of fewer than 200,000 americans. Step 1: assess Your Timeline First, decide how lengthy you are looking to tune your waste output. when you consider that most communities compile rubbish weekly, a seven-day waste audit is acceptable. For the most correct audit, habits your audit the day earlier than assortment day. if your waste audit shows that you simply recycle more than you ship to the landfill, switching to a smaller rubbish cart may save you cash. In my illustration, my family unit generated two half-full baggage of rubbish and a half-full bag of recyclables over seven days. My household generates so little waste that we switched to a forty eight-gallon rubbish cart. We may likely go two or three weeks before putting out the bin for pickup if not for the proven fact that the Arizona summer warmth turns food waste into stinky compost very instantly. Step 2: Prep Your Audit area Set down a tarp, newspaper, or different protecting protecting on the floor earlier than you begin the audit. Ideally, you’ll discover an indoor house so no garbage blows away, but decide upon tiled floors in its place of carpet so that any leaks may also be cleaned up greater readily. Step three: arrange Your Waste You’re going to create four categories of waste: items recyclable on the curb (paper, glass, metallic, plastic bottles) gadgets recyclable, however now not at the curb (plastic luggage, electronics, batteries) organic waste (yard waste, meals, soiled paper) everything else (non-recyclable packaging, diapers, straws) The contents of my family waste audit, with recyclable items on the left and waste that’s destined for the landfill on the right. Step four: Chart Your Audit results once you have your waste sorted by category, create a chart that shows what you have. here’s my chart: Cart Used cloth class Description quantity Recycling Glass Glass bottles/jars 9 Recycling metallic Aluminum foil 4 Recycling metallic metal lids eight Recycling Paper blended paper 22 Recycling Paper Newsprint 1 Recycling Paper Paperboard containers 5 Recycling Paper Paperboard tubes 1 Recycling Plastic Plastic bottles 11 Recycling Plastic Plastic containers 7 Recycling Plastic Plastic lids 9 garbage food Fruit/vegetable remains eleven rubbish scientific Bandages 4 rubbish Paper Paper cups 2 rubbish Paper dirty paper eight rubbish Paper candy wrappers 16 rubbish Plastic meals packing baggage 27 rubbish Plastic Plastic straws 2 different Hazardous Batteries 1 different Hazardous Lightbulbs 2 You don’t must be this particular, however it actually helps considering not all paper and plastic are the identical. In my case, garbage and recycling output is fairly even, with many of the rubbish being single-use plastic packaging and meals waste. Now you have got a fine looking first rate conception of how a whole lot waste your family generates all the way through every week. Of path, this doesn’t encompass items that you discard away from home. in case you bear in mind these gadgets, agree with adding them to your checklist for a more correct audit. study half 2 of this sequence to learn the way to make adjustments according to your home waste audit. Editor’s observe: Earth911 in the beginning published this text on September 12, 2018. You could additionally Like… Cooler master Storm Sniper Black edition Mid-Tower Case Introduction VIEW GALLERY – 35 photographs It wasn’t all that lengthy ago when i used to be given the chance to have a look on the HAF 922 from Cooler master. When the field arrived at the door, my spouse was taken by way of the appears and her phrases to me were "is that case for me?". I chuckled initially, as she looked like a child at Christmas when she asked, so I went on-line to peer what the case turned into all about. After a little of analysis I found the chassis did appear to present some first-class options and had high-quality airflow incorporated already. As I reviewed the chassis, I found a couple of more plusses concerning the chassis, but the things that stick in my head are that the door’s alignment became off when making an attempt to shut them, and the shortcoming of indoors "blackness". Had these concerns been addressed, I feel Cooler master would have hit the nail on the head. i am proud to claim that the HAF 922 spent a couple of months sitting along side her desk, with the pink glow of the LED lovers. And the aspect I appreciated probably the most, is once the doorways have been off, the case became a real pleasure to work in and swap hardware with none undue "processes" or "particular ways" of manipulating the case to get issues out and in. In my mind, as the HAF turned into practically spot on, i am going to be evaluating this chassis without delay to my HAF experiences and it units the bar fairly excessive. This time Cooler master has sent the Storm Sniper Black edition chassis for us to have a look at. My first impressions are that the Sniper is an accelerated tackle the leading HAF 922 chassis, as you’ll see as the evaluation progresses. They do although separate both both visually and with the options available between the two. issues like appears and portability are issues that each one game enthusiasts look for, exceptionally if going to LAN routine is your cup of tea. Let’s get right down to the records and notice just how smartly the scope is dialed in on the Sniper Black edition chassis. requirements, Availability and Pricing Cooler master’s SGC-6000-KXN1-GP or Storm Sniper Black edition is an all metal chassis, painted black both on the inner and the outside. The entrance bezel and correct panel are built of often ABS plastic, also in an all-black motif. The Sniper does comprise two handles into the desirable to make it easier to stream this 24 pound, empty chassis to any region. intellect you, as soon as your add-ons are installed this weight goes up somewhat a little. There are five 5.25′ bays which are external, one in all which is convertible to a 3.5" power if you need to use a floppy drive. On the inside there is room to apartment as much as five 3.5" difficult drives as well. Air movement inner the Sniper is dealt with by means of four enthusiasts because it arrives to your door, three of which can be fairly gigantic. i am speaking of the 30mm deep, 200mm blue LED fanatics which are housed within the front decrease component to the entrance, the door panel, and the right of the chassis. All of these three larger fans also have LED and fan speed controls included, as i’ll show you in a bit. The deploy is configured to pull air in from the front and the door panel, leaving the 200mm fan at the excellent, and the fourth fan, a 120mm plain fan within the rear of the chassis for extra exhaust. finding a Sniper Black version is never all that challenging. I should still make a humorous comment about snipers now not being handy to discover, but during this case I believe we may additionally are looking to be able to find these Snipers. Doing my standard Google searching, I found there are rather a couple of e-tailers offering this chassis at a reasonably low-priced rate. right within the core of all of the choices I found a list at Newegg for $159.ninety nine, plus delivery of route, which they checklist as being an extra $25. seem to be round because it is the season to locate decent offers, even paying just a little more for the case if the delivery is free may nevertheless prevent some added beer cash. Let’s pull this Sniper from the fields and get a good shut analyze what may be taking photographs at us later. PackagingThe equipment Cooler master packs the Sniper Black edition in, of direction, an all-black box! there’s a view through the scope at the Sniper itself and in the backside left of the scopes photo there is a sticker delivered to this container pointing out it contains a strategies DC game pad. continuing the white text on a black background, the standards chart on this side is displayed within the same fashion. The rear begins with an image of a SWAT-like Sniper with the leading aspects flanking the correct facet. at the bottom there are photographs to go together with probably the most more LAN friendly points of the Sniper. The remaining facet is somewhat more on the plain aspect of issues, however does give a fine look at the Sniper as it seems powered up. putting off the cardboard box, i am left with the common internal packaging found with most chassis’. Styrofoam caps that do a fine job of securing the chassis right through transport are placed on each conclusion and the internal plastic liner; each of which did simply great in getting me a perfect Sniper. The Cooler master Storm Sniper Black version Mid Tower Case The Sniper emblem is a daring accent to the smartly ventilated front, black, ABS plastic panel. This panel carries 5 removable vented covers for the drive bay half. The bottom houses a 200mm fan in the back of it, and this mesh enviornment is a detachable grime filter that would not require the total front to come off to clear it. protecting the true is a black, ABS plastic cover that properties the two handles. As we move down, the bumped out trend of the door has most of the said bumps reduce out and replaced with mesh. This makes the 200mm door fan breathe more advantageous and when the lights are down, gives an excellent seem to be internal the chassis as well. The bottom of the chassis has an identical plastic panel on the accurate, so it gives the Sniper a "total" accomplished seem to be. From the appropriate, the rear of the Sniper carries two grommets in holes for water tubing to pass through simply above the rear 120mm exhaust fan. To the left of the fan is the rear I/O, simply above the seven plus one expansion slots. The "plus one" has a canopy it is used to wind a mouse cable, however can also be swapped out for a fan controller as neatly. This leaves us with the reasonably tremendous gap for the PSU on the bottom. There are a few knock-outs right here, too. that you may use them for tubing passages as neatly. The opposing side has the bump vogue door to go away a lot of room behind it for wiring. I do locate the Storm logo to be a pleasant little touch, as most manufacturers anticipate you are going to in no way see the again aspect of the chassis in common use. Being pushed to gamers, this chassis is designed with LANs in mind, and all of us know there is never any place to disguise issues on a table with rivals on both sides of you. The good of the Sniper is the place the entire controls are, but i will be able to get to all of them subsequent. i wished to blow their own horns the vented right that has big openings at either conclusion to mean you can slide your hands in and securely lift the Sniper from the vehicle to the desk, or lower back to your desk. The fairly significant energy button is handy to consider for, but the tiny reset button is difficult to use at ultimate. The dial to the appropriate gives you fan speed handle, while the button inside of the dial allows for the LED’s to turn on and off. The entire correct half homes an e-SATA connection next to the microphone and headphone three.5mm jacks. final of the accurate row are the HDD activity and device vigor LEDs. The second row contains 4 USB 2.0 ports and an IEEE 1399 (FireWire) port. inner The Cooler master Storm Sniper Black edition Mid Tower Case As that you may see, the panel is neatly ventilated and has a 200mm fan screwed onto the framework that supports the mesh. The mesh is barely held in area with bent over bits that slip throughout the framework, and locks it in place sufficient now not to rattle when in operation. The fan itself has two wire leads coming from it. One is for the fan power deliver and the different is to connect with the LED energy swap. the primary seem to be into the Sniper suggests just how it is packed for delivery. The wiring and hardware field are securely strapped in region and don’t move about right through shipping. The mouse pad, although, turned into simply placed internal, and gets a free ride all through transport. there have been no concerns with hurt; I in my opinion don’t like issues "free riding" free internal of a case. Pulling out the entire hardware, gifts and the paper riser template, there’s a good unimpeded view of what you get. The inside of the Sniper uses the identical body and design because the HAF I linked to previous, however it does add a couple of things. Of direction, the obtrusive portray of the indoors is a step in the right path, and the extra 120mm fan clips and dust cover within the floor is one other. The leisure of the elements consist of the screw-much less tough power trays and the push button optical drive locks we’ve seen in the HAF. I do like this interior a bunch more in black than my HAF’s simple, uncovered steel. All 5 of the optical force bays are device-less if you need, however the returned facet wants using screws if you want to be certain the pressure is "secured". beneath are the 5 slide-out trays for tough drives. just release the left aspect latch, gently flow it to the right and slide out the tray; simple actually. simply in front of the challenging pressure bays is the place the 200mm entrance intake fan is positioned. As you could see, the aspects of the rack meeting is as open as feasible to enable the air an easy time during the rack. The rear of the chassis houses the 120mm exhaust fan that is powered with a 3-pin connection and doesn’t have LED’s or a connection to the fan speed controller. simply beneath it the seven enlargement slots that utilize a plastic, tool-much less retainer to dangle the cards in place, whatever thing the HAF lacked. in case you bear in mind studying my Storm Sentinel superior review, you would have seen this mouse wire retention bracket in the further slot to the left. on the very backside, beneath the PSU, there are bumps which have been rubber padded to aid the fan grill on the PSU should you install it fan down; this keeps noises and vibrations to a minimum. taking a look at issues from the again, that you could see a variety of "room for theory" on where and the way to conceal the wiring and make this chassis seem as graceful with accessories as it does devoid of them. all of the wires birth in a great area on the side of the drive racks, but take into account there are quite a few wires for the entrance I/O, plus all the fan controller wiring to cope with right here. Splaying out all the wires, which you can see there is rather just a few to join. Two USB 2.0, a 1394, HD and AC97 Audio, and an e-SATA connection cover the left half. on the desirable within the middle is a few of the fan vigour wiring , leaving the vigor, reset, HDD undertaking and energy LED connections to hook up. After putting off six little screws from the again aspect of the panel, the total panel pulls free. The bay covers are just held in with tabs and are effortlessly removed. The fan filter half of the backside will pull free for cleaning out of the box, but with a purpose to load the optical pressure this cowl must come free. Laying the Sniper on its lower back, that you would be able to see the supportive ft that end up to aid stabilize the chassis if there’s a lot of shaking going on. I indicate they be spun out farther away from you. there’s the remaining of the 200mm enthusiasts. As with the other two, it also attaches to the controller for each lighting and speed control. accessories and Documentation The brown box that become strapped internal the chassis past consists of all of this hardware. The baggies to the left are pretty self explanatory, and the two to the right are for adding fans, hardware, and the backside one is for the motherboard mounting. The appropriate row includes four rubber feet that can replace the swivel feet that come on it, and two additional grommets for the backside of the rear of the chassis. moving down, there are both the floppy power adapter brackets and the SSD adapters, whereas in the center are ten tie straps for a bit of management later. The instruction e-book isn’t handiest of basically magazine like looks, but very comprehensive with drawings and footage to move together with the text. I regarded it over in brief, and that i can say they are going to even get probably the most amateur user via a build. can not overlook about the protected mouse pad! this is the identical pad I got with the mouse for my evaluation of it. The CS-M FPS Tactical DC is a fabric topped foam pad with an antiskid backside. it is giant and accurate, a true pleasure to mouse over. The build and finished Product As tons because it pains me to do, I have to reveal what happened. while i used to be loading the accessories and making an attempt to get a few photos, I need to have shifted the burden wrong, and that i hear a snap. To my dismay the foot snapped correct even with the backside of the chassis. In Cooler master’s defence, I with ease asked for a substitute, with a brief description of what came about, and they’re currently transport me a alternative foot. Thanks for the first-rate assist Cooler grasp! similar to those from the HAF, the complicated power trays just "flex" onto the power itself. you put two of the pins on one facet of the force, then bend the tray a bit of and force it up the other facet unless the pins line up. once at this factor it’s ready to slide into location. meeting became relatively effortless and that i bumped into no considerations as far as getting things to line up or even a way to keep things clear whereas still getting power where it be needed. a lot of room in here for SLI or Crossfire of even the largest playing cards! With an adapter or two, and a bunch of tie straps, i was capable of be ready to get each my rat’s nest of PSU wiring and the case wiring beneath manage. is reasonably, it would not depend an awful lot where the bulky connections are, because the bump in the door allows you to conceal thicker wires just like the 24-pin, despite the fact mine become just too brief to move around the back. Sorry, I just liked this graphic, and it shows you simply should attain beneath the front of the dirt cover for it to tug out for cleaning. i was almost to snap it lower back into region and add some vigour. once the power is delivered the Sniper involves life in a glow of blue LED lighting fixtures. With the lights down within the room the case looks a fair bit different. As most of you about to take a seat at the table at a LAN adventure would see it. a look at the rear all completed. I actually need a black PSU for these stories, and that i now wish the rear I/O shield came in a black nickel finish, and even just painted or lined flat black for that remember. searching at the front, which you could see the optical drive in the 2nd slot. This not handiest gave me a higher appear inside, but allows a little bit of the glow from the right 200mm fan to reveal via, as if the 200mm fan appropriate here in the entrance would not give satisfactory already. final techniques As an ex HAF 922 user, I have to say i love the Sniper extra. It packs more options, improved airflow, and a cleaner extra perfect profile to study. You comprehend by using now i like all black instances, and Cooler grasp didn’t disappoint me there. I always favorite blue over red in LED’s, so again or not it’s a win. including a very exceptional gaming surface in your choice of mouse is also a plus and continues with the Sniper theme. How correct is your mouse on an eight foot lengthy condominium table? Roll this up and stuff it to your bag, difficulty solved. The construct went very well, as anticipated, however I did run into two considerations. the primary one is a high quality problem. The foot, for my part, is a pleasant conception, but might be a susceptible design. It definitely failed to take too a whole lot to snap this foot clean off! due to the fact Cooler master has taken steps to exchange the foot, I can’t really ask for plenty greater of an answer. The 2nd and extra dysfunctional situation become the door panel’s ability to be screwed in. The doorways set correct in the tracks and locks, but when it got here time to replace the thumb screws into the rear of them, it turned into practically unimaginable. It took each forcing the door down and making use of power to the I/O area to align the holes so the screws would thread appropriately. I guess there are some things no longer improved than the HAF 922 on the Sniper, too. As plenty as I get out and in of my computer’s, this is a real turnoff. If it was simply whatever thing I did every three months for cleansing, it may now not be counted so a whole lot. The Black version Sniper chassis is available at many of the important e-tailers accessible. In mid towers which you can get $50 and $100 chassis’, however they don’t present most of what the upper conclusion of the "premium" designs require to get one to your apartment. The Black edition Sniper is not any exception because it requires spending $159.ninety nine at Newegg, and we have not added in the shipping. At nearly $200 to get one to your door, it’s costly, however does present reasonably just a little of options for people that wish to have a mobile system; priorities may additionally fluctuate from my own. For those of you who definitely are searching for a LAN chassis, this might also in reality be the case that does the job. With handles incorporated into the top, i used to be simply able to deal with the roughly 35-40 pounds of case and machine. be cautious on the way you move it at table height, notwithstanding, as it truly is once I broke my foot. If I had used the rubber ft included internal the chassis, this is all a moot aspect then. for those that are not into LAN movements, here is still one sexy piece of hardware on your computer. If I hadn’t simply found a alternative to my rig condominium within the HAF, it would had been relocating to the Black version Sniper, as even with its foibles, I still appreciated it more than my HAF..

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