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Powerpoint templates
These templates, which form part of the school’s visible identification, may also be downloaded for use in any tuition presentation. 
When using the templates we recommend right here:
don’t alternate the design, colorings or typefaces of the slides, or flow or adjust the tuition emblem
The font sizes have been set for ease of use and legibility, we suggest you don’t cut back the size of the class under that shown in the templates. it’s almost always more advantageous to reduce the variety of phrases and/or split the text across two slides
when you are using photographs, if viable store them at a resolution of seventy two dots per inch (dpi) earlier than importing them into your presentation. this may evade developing an unnecessarily big file that is simply too huge to electronic mail and making the slides gradual to reply to your clicks.
Which template for those who use?
for most interior shows download the average template. These have been designed to minimise visible stress. 

if you’re presenting on an external desktop, or a computer that does not have the college fonts put in, that you may use the embedded fonts template so one can be sure the format of your presentation would not trade when featuring on a unique computer.

For tutorial scientific shows – primarily diagrams and graphs – you may prefer to use a white history. For this down load one of the most white presentation templates.

if you are looking to present using Google slides, you can use these institution templates. Make a copy of the clean template, don’t edit the long-established file. 

a way to use the white template
In a scientific presentation, apart from the title web page you can also discover you want extra space than the average slide layouts permit. in that case, you can conveniently set up a blank white slide heritage.
in the View menu, go to the "Slide master" view, select and delete the brand from the master slide. Then choose the page title field and, the usage of the up arrow key for your keyboard, flow it up to close the proper of the slide. Return to the ordinary view.
Slides you add to the presentation will now follow your modified layout.
Powerpoint templates: showing your presentation on somebody else’s desktop
if you display your presentation from a computer with out the tuition fonts installed, computerized font substitution will exchange them with the computer’s own default fonts, which might affect text line breaks and break the design of your slides.
To prevent this chance, we recommend that before you put together any such presentation you change its master fonts to Arial and instances. These are the ordinary exchange fonts for Stephenson and Blake, discovered on all PCs.
right here’s all you should do:
Open a brand new presentation, and go to View>master>Title grasp.
opt for the textual content in Stephenson (the title) and change the font to instances, then choose the text in Blake (the subtitle) and change that to Arial.
Go to View>grasp>Slide grasp and do the same element there.
The presentation you create will now immediately use the Arial and times fonts.
current shows
when you’ve got an present presentation the usage of the university fonts, or not it’s convenient to change them to Arial and times. with no trouble go to the suitable drop down menu ‘format’ and then all the way down to ‘change fonts’. Then check for undesirable re-circulation of textual content on all your pages and amend any grotesque line breaks as indispensable. Photographic Key Duplication [Ben] and his buddies over at the tuition of California at San Diego came up with a way to replica keys the usage of a picture of them. They developed an algorithm that uses measurements from wide-spread key blanks to extrapolate the bitting code. since the utility is measuring varied facets it may suitable the perspective of the photograph when the key isn’t photographed on a flat surface, but from an perspective. They went as far as to look at various with cell cameras and the usage of a telephoto lens from 195 toes away. In most situations, proper keys were produced inside 4 guesses. Don’t leave out their impressive writeup (PDF) detailing how key bitting works, common covert duplication methods, and all of the details of their method. the lack of available code prevents us all from enjoying undercover agent (or felon) with this thought however [Ben] did mention that if there is enough hobby he may liberate it. Lock bumping confirmed us how susceptible our safety is, however here is a little bit horrifying. [Thanks Mike] Kanye West’s battle towards record Contracts could really Work — for Kanye, Anyway Eighteen years in the past, Kanye West become proud as punch to have signed to Roc-A-Fella, which he referred to as “the most well-liked rap label on this planet.” West became a superproducer at this point, but leading figures in hip-hop doubted his knowledge as a frontman. “I not ever basically had a great rapper story,” West instructed complicated in 2002. He claimed he once heard a Capitol facts exec asserting that if he “might definitely rap, Def Jam would’ve signed him or he’d be on the Roc.” by using contractually committing to “the Roc,” then, West silenced the haters. He also exceeded over possession of his masters for his first six solo albums — together with his 2004 debut, The faculty Dropout. final week, amid a Twitter tirade against his historical list-enterprise offers, West posted reveal grabs of multiple recording contracts that included a 2005 replace to his Roc-A-Fella deal confirming the rapper’s first handful of albums had been “fully [Roc-a-fella’s] property … all the way through the world and in perpetuity.” He ranted against established track group — which acquired Roc-A-Fella in 2004 and released his first six albums — and spoke of he’ll do “every little thing in my criminal vigor and use my voice unless all artist contracts are changed beginning with getting my masters for my babies.” Now that he’s a billionaire celebrity who arguably needs checklist labels a long way lower than the labels want him, those old contract phrases don’t take a seat well with Kanye anymore. those shocked by way of West’s anti-trade storm must no longer had been paying attention. West sued Roc-A-Fella ultimate year, in addition to established and his publishing enterprise, EMI. in the EMI swimsuit, which has for the reason that been settled, he looked as a plaintiff alongside a newly shaped business, “Please Gimme My Publishing Inc.” Kanye is now waging the same fight against regularly occurring for his recorded copyrights, a.ok.a. his masters. Kanye’s Twitter ultimatum may additionally no longer elicit widespread sympathy from the artist community: For one issue, the contracts posted with the aid of West printed time-honored paid him an $8 million boost for his sixth studio album, Yeezus (2013), no longer together with an further $four million with which to clear samples and make the listing. time-honored also paid him a $three million enhance, plus a $3 million recording/clearance price range, for The lifetime of Pablo (2016). Your regular or backyard-variety famous person just doesn’t get handed this kind of money from their list label. however there are also motives for Kanye to be optimistic about at the least a few of his stated objectives related to the reclamation of his masters. listed here are three of them, related to a trio of fellow superstars. 1. Leverage (à la Michael Jackson) probably the most extra dazzling claims inside Kanye’s tweetstorm changed into his advice that common track community had refused to identify a sale price for his masters “because they recognize i will be able to have the funds for to buy them.” Yeezy mentioned that by means of the end of this yr, there could be round 460 million track streaming subscribers worldwide — as a way to swell to 2 billion by using the end of the last decade. And these items of tips are intrinsically linked. The “lifetime value” of the globe’s cumulative tune-streaming subscribers at once impacts the financial price of regularly occurring artist catalogs — and therefore without delay affects the value of the companies that personal them. it’s fully feasible common doesn’t need to put a value tag on West’s catalog today due to this: go wrong, and the enterprise might miss out on hundreds of money within the years ahead. including to the power: Vivendi plans to spin out UMG by the use of the song enterprise’s own IPO earlier than 2023. The greater movie star catalogs established owns, the bigger valuation it will command. So West needs to agree with his own leverage in negotiations. What, apart from money, can he deliver to bear in his combat to reclaim his masters? One element general really wouldn’t desire is West going for walks away publicly from the company — especially toward a rival. This probability, although, will harm accepted a great deal more if West continues to be churning out consistent hits. As we stand, West is on a gospel tune-making tip, however his most fresh secular album (Ye, 2018) become a commercial underperformer. Yet West can still conjure up smashes when the temper takes him. The puerile “i really like It” with Lil Pump (2018) changed into sufficiently odd for one to ask yourself if it turned into a realizing parody of hypersexualized modern chart smashes. (“I’m a sick f***/i love a brief f***.” actually.) however turned into successful then again, achieving #1 in distinct countries and notching over 500 million Spotify plays to date. If West can show to time-honored there’s extra where that came from, his listing enterprise would absolutely be greater open to discussing a potential timeframe for the return of his past masters. This was actually the case with Michael Jackson, whose longtime legal professional John Branca negotiated the artist’s acquisition of his solo masters from Sony track following the checklist-breaking release of Thriller in 1982. To at the present time, Jackson’s traditional solo album recordings (Off The Wall, Thriller, unhealthy, and many others.) are all owned with the aid of the Jackson property’s MJJ Productions — but distributed globally by using Sony. 2. The law should be would becould very well be on Kanye’s side (à la Prince) Kanye’s polemic last week drew comparisons with Prince who, following a famed failure to reclaim possession of his masters from Warner Bros. records, took to daubing “SLAVE” on his cheek within the mid-Nineties. What’s frequently left out in regards to the Prince story is why he ultimately gained this combat in 2014 — when he eventually seized ownership of his masters whereas also licensing them to Warner Bros. for the years ahead. 2014 marked 35 years on the grounds that the release of Prince’s first classic solo LP, Prince. in accordance with part 203 of the U.S. Copyright Act — signed into legislations in 1976 and which grew to be useful in 1978 — recording artists can, beneath certain situations, send notices of termination to listing agencies to be able to take returned ownership of their copyrights 35 years after their free up. trade whispers suggest Warner confronted a difficult choice: fight Prince within the courts over area 203, doubtlessly profitable and maintaining hold of his masters — but additionally potentially losing, and surroundings a dangerous business precedent — or strike a deal in the here and now. The label chose the latter. How does this have an effect on Kanye? There are currently two predominant classification-motion court cases linked to section 203 bubbling away in the U.S. track industry, one in opposition t familiar tune group (filed by using the artist John Waite, among others) and one against Sony track (filed via big apple Dolls member David Johansen, amongst others). In a pointed warning, the law company representing the musicians in both cases — clean Rome — noted in a statement that the 35-year law of part 203 “represents a huge challenge to the projected salary streams for recording businesses in the tune trade.” Even under the 35-12 months legislations, West wouldn’t be capable of observe for termination of his masters deal except 2039 on the earliest (i.e. 35 years after the release of The college Dropout). but when his legal professionals go in all-guns-blazing on this element, you’d at the least are expecting commonplace’s ears to p**** up. three. The deal Kanye desires artists to have in reality already exists (à la Taylor Swift) Kanye’s new mission isn’t all about Kanye, you understand. On Sunday (September twentieth), West tweeted: “here’s a demand all artist[s] to unify … i’ll get my masters , I received the strongest lawyer in tune and i can manage to pay for them however each artist need to be freed and treated fairly.” additionally, West tweeted new “guidelines” for recording and publishing contract templates he desires to peer adopted industrywide. These instructions include: (1) Artist possession of copyrights, with these copyrights being “leased” to record groups and publishers for short-time period intervals; and (2) earnings being cut up eighty/20 (or extra) within the artist’s want. rather aside from the incontrovertible fact that West already looks to own some of his later grasp copyrights, these two headline “guidelines” basically sound very akin to the main checklist company deal held via fellow celeb Taylor Swift. Swift introduced in late 2018 that she’d signed a brand new take care of everyday and Republic information, which would see her “personal all of my masters any more”. Swift’s masters prior to her Lover album are, infamously, owned with the aid of Scooter Braun. despite a background of public enmity with Swift that harkens lower back to their infamous VMAs second a decade in the past, West is now promising to aid Swift get the relaxation of her masters returned. One other suggestion inside Kanye’s “guidelines” deserves serious business contemplation — which is the thought that artists whose listing agencies personal stakes in Spotify should see their particular person share of that funds reflected of their royalty statements. Artists signed to regularly occurring are at the moment looking forward to the day when UMG sells its stake in Spotify, a stake West’s sources imply is now price greater than $2 billion. How do these artists comprehend they’re assured a slice of accepted’s money hitting their bank money owed once it drops down the chute? as a result of Taylor Swift saw to it. Tim Ingham is the founder and publisher of tune business global, which has serviced the world trade with information, analysis, and jobs on the grounds that 2015. He writes a weekly column for Rolling Stone..

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