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Ready to Use Business Introduction Letter- introduction letter to clients cover letter examples samples & templates 34 free business introduction letters pdf & ms word 20 creative cover letter templates to impress employers 34 free business introduction letters pdf & ms word leading professional yoga instructor cover letter examples sales cover letter examples & samples with writing tips cover letter examples for different job roles in 2020 dayjob leading professional graphic designer cover letter examples how to format and write a simple business letter
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The company’s new product complements Ranger competent’s flagship physique-worn repellent, which makes use of the energetic ingredient Picaridin 20%, the safe and valuable choice to DEET. Ranger ready Permethrin 0.5% is chiefly designed to bond without delay to your garb. When applied competently, Ranger capable Permethrin 0.5% is a pretty good and lengthy-lasting repellent which lasts for as much as 40 days or 5 (5) washes. When dry, Ranger equipped Permethrin 0.5% has zero scent, is protected to the touch for adults and kids, and is also protected to apply to canines and horses. Ranger capable Picaridin 20% is a secure and effective DEET alternative, and protected for everyday use for adults, children, and all the way through pregnancy. Picaridin 20% protects in opposition t ticks and mosquitos for 12 hours and in opposition t gnats, flies, and other biting bugs for 8 hours. “With the introduction of Permethrin 0.5%, Ranger competent is the first manufacturer to introduce a combination Picaridin and Permethrin repellent pack, the Ranger in a position P2 PAK™,” stated Chris L. Fuentes, Founder and CEO of Ranger able. “the use of these two DEET-free body-worn and apparel-worn repellents together offers the highest stage of personal insurance policy for your self and your family from the fast boost of tick-borne illnesses, like Lyme disorder and Rocky Mountain noticed Fever.” Ranger equipped Permethrin 0.5%, Ranger capable Picaridin 20%, and the Ranger ready P2 PAK can be found on the enterprise’s site at and on Amazon. All Ranger in a position items are Made within the country in Norwalk, CT the usage of environmentally protected recyclable bottles and packaging.
About Ranger equipped Repellents® Ranger able Repellents is a privately held company established in 2016 with a mission to shop lives from severe illnesses brought about with the aid of mosquitos, ticks, biting bugs and, as of 2020, by way of human-to-human transmission.  top class items are made in united states of america and include Ranger competent Picaridin 20% physique-Worn Repellents™, Ranger capable Permethrin 0.5%™ for apparel utility, and Ranger competent Hand Sanitizer™, 80% ethanol alcohol topical hand sanitizer.  Ranger in a position is fully owned via the PiC20 community, LLC, a privately held company based in Norwalk, CT. talk over with for extra suggestions. Contact: Teddy DeRosa | Director, Public relations | Ranger ready RepellentsEmail: | telephone: (203) 695-3889 photos accompanying this announcement are available at:
Exro’s CEO corporate update Letter a reflection on the first twelve months as CEOStrong fiscal position with contemporary $8M raise in JulyOn schedule to close eight business partnershipsCALGARY, AB / ACCESSWIRE / September three, 2020 / Exro applied sciences Inc. (CSE:XRO)(OTCQB:EXROF), … a reflection on the first twelve months as CEOStrong economic position with contemporary $8M raise in JulyOn schedule to shut eight commercial partnershipsCALGARY, AB / ACCESSWIRE / September three, 2020 / Exro applied sciences Inc. (CSE:XRO)(OTCQB:EXROF), … a reflection on the first twelve months as CEO strong fiscal position with recent $8M raise in July On agenda to close eight commercial partnerships CALGARY, AB / ACCESSWIRE / September 3, 2020 / Exro technologies Inc. (CSE:XRO)(OTCQB:EXROF), a number one technology enterprise which has developed a brand new classification of vigor electronics for powertrains shares a corporate replace from the CEO, Sue Ozdemir. dear Fellow Shareholders: It’s tough to trust it’s has been a yr in view that I joined Exro. The previous three hundred and sixty five days has been so rewarding as we innovate and transform our business. we’re positioning ourselves to develop into leaders as we use the vigor of our know-how to transform the style the realm looks at energy consumption. I agree with we now have the top-rated platform to be a hit. i’m extraordinarily proud of the americans that encompass me, all who play a essential position in our success. Exro has invested in our expertise, our people and our future. due to your assist we are able to finance our growth and proceed to convey on our milestones and against our long-time period method. we’ve been establishing our place in the marketplace: our mission “minimum energy, highest outcomes” has turn into a guiding light for us to continue to advance new and inventive how you can utilize our technology and turn into a market chief in superior power electronics inside the mobility house. On all fronts we’re executing in response to our technology roadmap and the 2d half of the yr is already shaping as much as assist us in our expectations for the the rest of 2020. Prioritizing our Partnerships Our team is continuing to focal point our consideration on co-construction with our partnerships. we are on schedule for all our business tendencies and count on the 100V Coil Driver proof of thought to be delivered in early q4. this will give the primary proof of concept in an electrical car later this yr. My commitment in September 2019 become to enter into eight commercial partnerships by way of conclusion of 2020. when you consider that the ultimate corporate update in April we have been a hit in securing 3 extra partnerships. This puts us at 7 offers and leaves us at the least one other deal by using the conclusion of the yr. we have a powerful pipeline and are confident in our capability to meet our commitment to eight offers by means of the end of 2020. extra, we are gaining world presence as our partners bring applications in North the united states, Australia, and Europe. All of our partnerships give critical steppingstones to our marketing strategy. Demonstrating the flexibility of our know-how, we’re working with every little thing from a two-wheel electric bike to a fleet start van. Our development continues to carry proof of ideas to the market in plenty of distinct functions and power ratings; presenting us the foundation to expand the company with better partnerships in the future. All our partners had been carefully selected to assist exhibit our versatility and scalability. This demonstrates our skill to provide our coil-driver expertise both in micro applications and massive, high performance functions. we now have a lot of room for boom and with our execution on these eight partnerships, we may be capable of speed up our conversations and seriously change the mobility market perpetually. superior vigour Electronics technology The engineering crew has been working hard to deliver the subsequent part of the Potencia Industrial, S.A. DE C.V. (“Potencia”) venture in early this fall. This Coil Driver will show our capabilities in an electrical vehicle in Mexico city. In parallel, we proceed to improve the 400v and 800v drivers for different purchasers. some of our next milestones should be: November 2020- start to Potencia (electric powered automobile utility) this is an particularly pivotal undertaking for Exro because it will become the platform design, decreasing design time for future partnerships. It additionally serves as our first in-automobile utility, demonstrating our potential to radically change the automotive energy electronics trade. December 2020 – the IBMS (clever Battery administration device) proof of conception. With the analysis section now at the back of us, this expertise construction will enable us to deliver test bench records to assist our simulations and make sure that we’re in a position to deliver an answer for first existence batteries to be used in 2nd life functions, similar to stationary storage for example. q4 2020 – We expect the eighth deal can be yet a further representation of the versatility and scope of our innovation. We put lots of effort into how each and every partnership contributes in opposition t our future boom plan. finding partners that convey a new phase, new geography or new software is a component of securing our footprint in lots of market segments. this can place us for a sturdy and sustainable future. Early 2021 (Q1)- start to Zero motorbike (“Zero”) (electric motorbike application) in case you have not heard of this enterprise, make sure you visit their web site at Zero is a world chief in electric powered bikes and this project will demonstrate our “supercharger” talents as we give optimized efficiency for an already exquisite expertise. clever Electrification As we continue to evolve our brand, i wanted to clarify the key ingredients of our technology and our center of attention on the mobility phase: 1. Coil Switching know-how here is the core patented know-how for Exro, permitting us to create two torque profiles inside a motor. This offers the capability to supercharge a powertrain, to get extra with less power consumed, to in the reduction of additional motors and/or gearboxes. It has opened lots of dialogue with our latest and knowledge companions on how we are able to optimize a powertrain and change the paradigm on energy consumption. “minimal power, highest results”. 2. IBMS we are continuing to innovate and strengthen our IBMS (intelligent Battery administration system). The outcomes to this point were favorable and we’re working in opposition t the utilization of an IBMS Inverter that allows you to allow first existence batteries for use in secondary life purposes like stationary storage. i am confident which are IBMS expertise will deliver an answer to the boundaries for 2nd existence functions. The Proof of concept could be achieved through conclusion of the year and will display our ability to provide a bankable and technically securable 2nd existence battery power storage gadget. subsequent milestone: Dec. 2020 start of proof of concept, pilot software in Q1 three. Generator we’re at the moment focused on the mobility section and a variety of traction applications. however, the technology is not tied to a specific classification of motor or generator. Most extensive torque functions with a combined want for velocity (production) and torque are good opportunities for Exro. We proceed to work with expertise companions in plenty of purposes with a view to exhibit our expertise’s strengths, versatility, and optimization consequences. The center of attention on the mobility section is a strategic determination to accelerate us to becoming a market leader. just about all mobility functions contain propulsion: this capability that they’ve a superb torque curve for our technology and provide the groundwork for the sophisticated optimization. The mobility utility comprises every little thing from a scooter, to an e-bike, to an e-bus but additionally contains mining haul vans, carry vehicles, off road cars, trains and the listing goes on! here is now not an indication of the most effective phase we can participate it but an most efficient vicinity for us to center of attention and develop into leaders in. Calgary is now home it’s taking just a little more time than anticipated as moving and building a new facility is a mixture of u.s.and downs. Our lab house is Victoria became officially closed in June and we now have moved all of our device to Calgary. moreover, we have ordered our new, gigantic dyno bay allowing us to final look at various our better drivers. The Calgary office space is now open, and our group is enjoying taking part together within the workspace. We are now working with our contractors to complete the trying out lab and have every little thing able to share with valued clientele and all of you. Tentatively we are taking a look at an “professional” opening date in late October. For anyone coming during the Calgary area please believe free to attain out for a discuss with. due to Covid-19, we are most effective enabling friends by means of appointment. This has allowed us to retain a secure work atmosphere for our employees and their families. For our opening in late October we can host a number of small activities so each person can share in the success from all the challenging work during the last months that acquired us to this stage. constructing manufacturer attention We proceed with our efforts to build a superb company and lift recognition of the Exro expertise. there was some terrific coverage during the last few months that helps to advertise our brand. Two of my very own favorites are; we are working on a new site and different campaigns as a way to continue to promote our brand and construct our future. Our new advertising strategy will guide our recent tendencies as we drive scalable commercialization. abstract and looking out ahead I even have shared a few of our achievements and am very excited in regards to the time ahead. we are in a superb position to execute on our commitments. Our crew is inspired, engaged and assured within the trends ahead and looking out forward to sharing greater good news with all of you. Our boom plan is one so one can sustain us for a shiny future. It takes time to build a masterpiece but we have the paint, the brushes, the canvas and the entire artists we need to make it happen. For the steps forward I motivate you to look ahead to: Completion of our Innovation middle The proof of thought for the 100V Coil Driver. here’s a huge milestone for Exro, because it demonstrates the capability to replace a traditional inverter in an electric vehicle with our first to market intelligent Coil Driver The 8th deal- our commitment is eight by using end of 2020. There is never a guarantee, but we’re very encouraged concerning the development to a future announcement building our board of directors to assist our focal point on the mobility phase the world we operate in continues to deliver remarkable challenges. i am proud to signify the group at Exro and to continue offering on our commitments. Our fiscal place is strong and our group is influenced to bring. over the past twelve months we’ve invested heavily in our business and we have cast the route for our successful future. i want to thank every and everybody of you for your persisted guide of Exro, your perception in me and my capacity to take us to the subsequent degree. Our aim is still to trade the style the world looks at energy consumption: minimum energy, optimum outcomes. we have the appropriate group, the correct know-how, the correct marketing strategy and the appropriate tradition to make it ensue. clearly Sue Sue Ozdemir Chief executive Officer About Exro technologies Inc. Exro is a clear Tech enterprise that has developed a new type of handle expertise for electric powered powertrains. Exro’s superior motor handle expertise, our “Coil Driver”, expands the capabilities of electric powered motors and powertrains. The Coil Driver allows for two separate torque profiles inside a given motor. the first is calibrated for low pace and excessive torque, whereas the 2nd gives expanded operation at excessive velocity. The skill to change configuration permits effectivity optimization for every operating mode, leading to common discounts in power consumption. The controller instantly and seamlessly selects the applicable configuration in real time in order that torque demand and effectivity are optimized. Exro presents a new solution for gadget optimization through implementation of its know-how which may yield the following outcomes: elevated drive cycle effectivity, reduced system quantity, decreased weight, improved torque and pace capabilities. Exro allows for the application to obtain greater with much less power consumed. For more advice visit our web site at ON BEHALF OF THE BOARD OF directors Sue Ozdemir, Chief govt Officer CONTACT suggestions Canada: Jake Bouma VP of Investor relations 604-317-3936 united states: Vic Allgeier TTC group Inc. 646-841-4220 e mail: CAUTIONARY remark involving forward searching STATEMENTS This information unencumber includes ahead-searching statements and ahead-looking advice (collectively, “ahead-looking statements”) in the that means of applicable securities legal guidelines. All statements, other than statements of historic statistics, are forward-looking statements. generally, ahead-looking statements can be recognized via terminology equivalent to “plans”, “expects”, “estimates”, “intends”, “anticipates”, “believes” or adaptations of such words, or statements that definite moves, events or outcomes “may”, “may”, “would”, “may”, “may be taken”, “occur” or “be done”. ahead looking statements contain hazards, uncertainties and different elements disclosed below the heading “risk factors” and in other places within the business’s filings with Canadian securities regulators, that might trigger precise effects, efficiency, potentialities and alternatives to vary materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. besides the fact that children the business believes that the assumptions and factors utilized in making ready these ahead-looking statements are within your budget primarily based upon the suggestions currently accessible to administration as of the date hereof, actual consequences and traits may additionally vary materially from those contemplated with the aid of these statements. Readers are for this reason suggested no longer to vicinity undue reliance on these statements, which only practice as of the date of this news release, and no assurance can be in view that such pursuits will happen within the disclosed instances frames or at all. except where required by relevant legislation, the enterprise disclaims any intention or duty to update or revise any ahead-searching remark, even if on account of new suggestions, future activities or otherwise. NEITHER THE CANADIAN SECURITIES exchange NOR ITS regulation features issuer ACCEPTS responsibility FOR THE ADEQUACY OR ACCURACY OF THIS news liberate. supply: Exro technologies Inc. View source edition on

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