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Petty cash Verification form
name of branch: Required identify of branch: is a required container.
Petty cash Account number: Required Petty cash Account number: is a required box.
1. total quantity of Petty cash Fund: Required 1. complete amount of Petty money Fund: is a required box.
2. cash available: Required 2. money handy: is a required box.
3. Receipts for prices: Required three. Receipts for expenses: is a required container.
4. total of #2 and #3 Required 4. total of #2 and #3 is a required field.
5. Account balance- #1 minus #four (should still equal zero): Required 5. Account stability- #1 minus #four (should equal zero): is a required container.
Date Submitted Required Date Submitted is a required field.
in charge person: Required dependable adult: is a required field.
Petty money – Charles River Campus designated working approaches for Petty money funds OPENING A PETTY money FUND complete a Petty cash motion form. investigate the container for “New” in part 1. post completed kind to Cashier functions, 881 Commonwealth Ave, lessen stage or by way of our new customer service Portal. Cashier functions will notify the custodian when a call is made involving the institution of a brand new fund. The institution of a new petty cash fund can also take up to 1 week. All petty cash Custodians are required to finished practicing before a fund is established. Please contact Cashier functions for greater information. NEW FUND RETRIEVAL Upon notification of an accepted petty money fund, the petty money Custodian may additionally get hold of the dollars through providing his/her BU identification at Cashier services, observed at 881 Commonwealth Avenue, decrease level, Monday via Friday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Please be certain to obtain a locked cash field in increase. A 100100 GL account may be created on the time of retrieval.  This account will be charged when a fund is opened, re-opened, expanded/decreased, or closed.  Your departmental debts are not expensed at the moment.  costs are booked when a replenishment request is submitted. PETTY money DISBURSEMENTS Small and authorised company purchases may still be made the usage of monies from the petty money fund when feasible. worker out of pocket costs under $50 may be reimbursed using petty money.  worker out of pocket prices over $50 should still be replenished via AP’s Concur device, not petty money. Non-subject payments Custodian will provide the individual making the purchase with satisfactory cash to cowl the cost. alternate, if any, ought to be returned via the customer and placed again in the fund field via the Custodian. If a person makes an permitted out of pocket enterprise expense, the receipt need to be submitted to the Custodian within 30 days of the receipt. The Custodian will reimburse the particular person the exact volume on the receipt the usage of dollars from the petty money box. A receipt should still be acquired for each expenditure. supplier receipts should still display the date, quantity and description of the purchases.   If a receipt could not be provided or turned into lost, the buyer have to complete a “missing Receipt Affidavit kind” in lieu of a receipt with acceptable date, amount, and description/reason for expenditure.  The Custodian will assessment and approve if deemed appropriate. A “Petty money Voucher Slip” have to be achieved through the Custodian for each disbursement. The individual receiving the cash ought to signal for every transaction within the “got by means of” part of the slip and the Petty cash Custodian ought to signal the “authorized by” section. Petty cash Custodians making the buy have to have the simple licensed Signer of the fund signal for the transaction within the “authorised by” section of the slip. The petty cash fund Custodian need to connect the revenue receipt to the again of the “Petty cash Voucher Slip”. If a receipt is misplaced or misplaced, the “lacking Receipt Affidavit kind” may still be connected to the “Petty money Voucher Slip”. The sum of “Petty cash Voucher Slips” plus the cash left available have to equal the whole widely wide-spread ledger balance of the petty money fund continuously. Please give an including computer tape (or excel spreadsheet) of the entire receipts accessible to be reimbursed. The account to be charged for every receipt ought to be mentioned on the “Petty money Voucher Slip”. The GL account should still be appropriate for the buy description. Human field payments Fill out and publish the “Human discipline compensation tracking Sheet”. All discipline payment costs should be recorded to the 535200 GL account. Questions concerning the propriety of any disbursement from petty money need to be directed to Cashier services at 617-353-3896. PETTY cash REIMBURSEMENTS at least monthly, or sooner if the money are working low, the Custodian must fill up the funds and record the fees within the regularly occurring Ledger via an SAP Cashier add and a petty money repayment form processed by Cashier features. Replenishments are completed at 881 Commonwealth Avenue, reduce degree, Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – three:00 PM. Reconcile the fund: the full of all of the receipts plus the last cash accessible have to equal the total well-known Ledger stability of the petty cash fund. prepare/publish an SAP Cashier upload. Please click right here, for greater guidance on the Cashier upload manner. Fill out the “Petty cash reimbursement” form. Enter your 10-digit Petty money Fund number branch identify total quantity of your petty money repayment it is being processed SAP doc number: 10-digit quantity generated out of your YC upload Custodian of the fund need to sign the Petty money Fund Custodian Approval section. The individual picking up the repayment (custodian or alternate) must signal the compensation section. For each and every instance, individuals who aren’t already listed as alternates replenishing the fund on behalf of the Custodian, must convey a permission letter from the Custodian enabling the particular person to decide upon up the cash. The Custodian’s signature and date ought to be blanketed on this memo as smartly because the name and BU id number of the individual who’s identifying up the petty money. All people must existing identification (BU id or Driver’s License with BU identity quantity) to replenish the fund. existing a replica of the add entry, Petty money Replenishment form (with assisting documentation and receipts), together with a BU id to Cashier capabilities to retrieve the reimbursement. enhance/lower A PETTY cash FUND The Petty money Custodian ought to finished and get required signatures on a Petty cash motion kind. verify the box for “raise/decrease” in section 1. complete sections 2-5. part 3 – Circle the acceptable action, increase or decrease. Enter the amount of your latest fund in “latest Fund quantity” and enter the amount of your new desired petty cash fund steadiness in “Revised quantity of Fund.”  The change might be the amount you are going to deposit (to reduce) or the quantity that can be disbursed (to raise) the fund steadiness. boost put up the accomplished form to Cashier functions, 881 Commonwealth Ave, lower degree or by way of our new customer carrier Portal. Upon approval and notification of Cashier functions, the petty cash Custodian can also get hold of the petty cash boost by offering his/her BU identity at Cashier services, observed at 881 Commonwealth Avenue, decrease stage, Monday via Friday from 9:00 AM to three:00 PM. lower Decreases will now not require prior approval from Cashier functions. The form may also be offered without delay on the Cashier window with receipts and/or cash to be recorded/deposited for the lower. CLOSING A PETTY money FUND To close a petty money fund, the Custodian should comprehensive a “Petty cash action form.” verify the field for “shut” in section1. comprehensive sections 2-5. section 3 – Revised volume of fund will be zero. latest completed kind along with all money and/or receipts directly to Cashier capabilities, 881 Commonwealth Ave, lower degree. To shut out a petty money fund, you should have the entire volume of the fund on hand. A replenishment may be required if you have wonderful receipts that have not been reimbursed yet. change OF CUSTODIAN Petty money money are not transferable from one worker to yet another. The present petty money custodian need to close the petty cash fund earlier than transferring to an extra place, terminating employment, or going on a leave of absence.  See guidance above on, “Closing A Petty cash Fund.” New petty cash custodians have to finished a petty money practising earlier than a fund is centered. Please contact Cashier services for more guidance. once the training is finished, the new petty cash custodian need to finished a “Petty money action form”. verify the box “Re-Open” in part 1. comprehensive sections 2-5. publish the accomplished kind to Cashier features, 881 Commonwealth Ave, reduce level or by the use of our new customer provider Portal. Upon approval and notification of Cashier services, the petty cash Custodian may additionally receive the petty money re-open by using proposing his/her BU identity at Cashier capabilities, discovered at 881 Commonwealth Avenue, lower degree, Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Fiscal year end as a way to make certain that all fiscal year fees are accurately recorded, all petty money Custodians are required to replenish their petty money during the month of June. Cashier services should evaluation all petty cash money just before the shut of the fiscal yr. Custodians should carry all receipts AND cash handy to Cashier services for verification.  PLEASE observe:  You ought to convey all money on hand despite the fact that you are reimbursing your account. Departments must reexamine no matter if the petty cash account is still required to fulfill the branch’s enterprise needs, or if alternative disbursement methods can be used. If there is a persisted enterprise want for petty cash, departments should still limit the petty money account to the bottom volume on the way to meet these needs in a 30-day duration. types and Worksheets UT system Non mandatory charge boost or New price proposal form: UT equipment form

examine Register: Used by way of departments to list examine payments (in lieu of a log booklet).

bank card bargain expenses and fees: offers departments that have a designated department bank card terminal or third-birthday party vendor with an estimate of present prices linked to bank card payments.

credit card price kind: Used by using departments that process credit card funds via Fiscal features.

credit card Processing strategies – brief Reference Chart: Used by using departments to assist determine the most appropriate credit card processing method.

Petty money reimbursement: Used by departments to collect petty cash from Fiscal features after the Petty money Account request has been accepted and a Petty cash Custodian Receipt is on file.

Departmental money coping with Request form: Used via departments/divisions when asking for approval to accept cash, determine or credit card funds on behalf of usa.

Departmental money dealing with security coverage: Used via departments/divisions to create an inside coverage doc that details steps to be certain the safety and security of cash, tests and bank card assistance from internal and exterior unauthorized clients.

charge Waiver for Qualifying educational classes: Used to request waiver of obligatory costs as allowed by means of the Board of Regents incidental prices coverage.

Institutional One-Time Funding Request kind: Used to manner One-Time funding requests.

Non obligatory price Request form: Used to request a transformation to an present permitted necessary payment.

Non-Resident lessons Waiver Request form: Used to request a waiver of non-resident lessons for instructing Assistant (TA) I/II or Graduate research Assistant (GRA) employees.

Request for payment Exemption:

Direct Deposit (Fiscal capabilities): Used through students to spark off direct deposit for any refunds processed on their BANNER account.

Direct Deposit-exchange/Cancel (Fiscal features): Used by using college students to inactivate or change direct deposit advice on their BANNER account, reminiscent of financial institution routing or account quantity.

cease charge Request (student): Used via students to request a cease charge and assess reissue, if applicable, for a misplaced or stolen determine.


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