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appointment letter to oitac board
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Letter of appointment
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a way to stop Microsoft notice From Capitalizing the first Letter of a new Sentence Bonnie Crowe is a mother of two young adults; a instructor and writer of babies’s books, curriculum and articles on English grammar, literature, expertise, art, parenting and profession guides for prime schoolers. She’s a former director of AOL Parenting, a member of SCBWI, and a graduate from the university of California,Berkeley. true climate Science from David Legates appears to Scare the Media, Will it Scare NOAA? it be not often that I read a MSM record and think that every single paragraph is full of sh!t. however this NPR story about Heartland buddy and esteemed local weather scientist David Legates has falsehoods in every single paragraph that would not conveniently identify him. smartly accomplished, NPR — which reached out to Heartland for comment on a Saturday two hours earlier than they posted this story "on a tight time limit" for a narrative they were surely engaged on for days. Your tax dollars subsidize this fake information, incidentally. Let’s ruin it down and debunk tons of lies about Legates, local weather science, the scientific system, and The Heartland Institute. Buckle up … and here is just a quick rebuttal. A greater-finished one — according to the local weather change Reconsidered collection Legates helped produce, is warranted. Lead paragraph: David Legates, a college of Delaware professor of climatology who has spent an awful lot of his career questioning basic tenets of local weather science, has been hired for a accurate place on the countrywide Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Legates has, indeed, been "questioning fundamental tenets of climate science," if you substitute the be aware "science" for "dogma." The very definition of science, in its most-fundamental feel from The Enlightenment to 2020, is "questioning the primary tenets" of current assumptions. The ignorant taxpayer-supported NPR reporter Rebecca Hersher is unaware of this simple reality of the scientific method. once more: She’s paid, partially by you, to be a "science writer" for national Public Radio. After some factual boilerplate, right here’s paragraph #4: Legates has an extended heritage of the usage of his place as an educational scientist to publicly cast doubt on local weather science. His appointment to NOAA comes as americans face profound threats stoked via local weather trade, from the vast, lethal wildfires in the West to an strangely energetic storm season within the South and East. David has no longer "used his place" for anything. he’s examined the statistics for a lot of, decades and has no longer considered proof that people are the executive drivers of local weather trade. americans within the West threatened by means of wildfires have the intense by no means-cut-any-tree-down "eco-friendly" polices pushed by the Sierra membership and other luxuriously funded leftist groups responsible for their distress.  BTW: This year’s storm season is, indeed, lively, but that is only getting again to normal after well-nigh historical years of state of being inactive. however the legacy media ignores all these records. because "catastrophe" sells, notwithstanding you must make it up. international temperatures have already risen almost 2 degrees Fahrenheit on account of greenhouse gasoline emissions from burning fossil fuels. Warming is occurring the fastest on the Earth’s poles, where sea ice is melting, permafrost is thawing and ocean temperatures are heating up, with devastating effects on animals and people alike. ok. "almost 2 levels Fahrenheit" … for the reason that when? The climate science reporter would not say. mustn’t, on a primary stage, there may still be some context to that? Oh, well. I bet NPR readers/listeners do not want that fundamental information. And is it the influence of greenhouse gases? No proof of that in the country wide Public Radio story — which americans feel they can count number on for finished journalism. The earth is hotter than it became before the dawn of the economic Revolution, when people started burning fossil fuels and emitting carbon dioxide within the environment. however temperature readings in the united states have been as warm or hotter within the 1930s than today, when global emissions had been a tiny fraction of these days. that is the kind of incontrovertible fact that Legates examines as a scientist. Paragraph #6: In 2007, Legates was one of the vital authors of a paper that wondered previous findings in regards to the function of climate exchange in destroying the habitat of polar bears. That research become partly funded through grants from Koch Industries, the lobbying group the American Petroleum Institute and ExxonMobil, in line with InsideClimate news. That become not simply "a paper." It become a peer reviewed paper. humorous how NPR, pushing an agenda, fails to mention that very vital reality. Legates failed to simply "write a paper" that "somebody" posted. What a funny story. Polar bears populations are also thriving, an extra undeniable fact that is comfortably discovered and debunks the concept that their habitat is being destroyed. And internal climate information is a garbage outlet that pushes alarmism, not local weather science. research stands on its own on the science. note how there is no attempt with the aid of NPR to counter the paper, only a smear. here is regular. NPR, like most rubbish media outlets, on no account cite anything else to debunk the science presented by means of "skeptics." this is the video game: The corrupt media simply refers to their different reporting through rubbish media to make it scent better. Newsflash: The stink is still there. Paragraph #7: The identical yr, Delaware Gov. Ruth Ann Minner despatched a letter to Legates expressing issue about his opinions on climate trade, considering the fact that he changed into the state climatologist on the time. Minner requested him to chorus from casting doubt on local weather science when he became appearing in his legitimate position. Legates stepped down in 2011. A baby-kisser truly knows greater about climate science than Legates. sure. And, once more, Legates wasn’t "casting doubt on climate science," he changed into undertaking climate science. His sin became that his examination of the records differed from climate politics dogma. No wonder he resigned. He changed into employed through ideologues, now not even purpose laymen with an open intellect. Paragraph #eight: Legates additionally appeared in a video pushing the discredited conception that the solar is the cause of global warming. In testimony before the U.S. Senate in 2014, Legates argued that a climate science report by way of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on climate change erroneously brought up that people are causing global warming. Jeez! the place to start. lots of BS packed into the sort of small amount of words. hiya, NPR. You linked to Legates’ lecture. Now how a couple of hyperlink to whatever thing that proves his options are "discredited"? Lame. How about mentioning that the UN IPCC experiences absolutely cut price any function of the solar of their reviews, which you seem to accept as true with holy writ? Paragraph #9: Legates is a professor in the department of Geography and Spatial Sciences on the college of Delaware. he is also affiliated with the Heartland Institute, a think tank that has poured funds into convincing americans that local weather alternate isn’t happening and that the scientific evidence — including facts published by way of the agency that now employs Legates — is unclear or untrustworthy. this is a hundred% wrong. If Rebecca spent even 10 minutes looking over Heartland’s web page, and our core on the environment, or our local weather conferences, or the local weather Reconsidered collection, or our local weather Realism web page, or our local weather-At-A-look site, she would recognize that Heartland has under no circumstances posited that "local weather exchange isn’t occurring." any such proposition is absurd. The query that The Heartland Institute raises — by way of the tons of of scientists we value with across the globe — is that human endeavor is not the leading driver of local weather exchange. it truly is what the statistics indicates, together with NOAA’s. They simply don’t love to admit it. Legates, hopefully, will no longer allow them to get away with more alarmism via hiding the pea. Paragraph #10 Advocates who reject mainstream climate science, equivalent to those at Heartland, have had a number one position in shaping the Trump administration’s response to international warming, including the resolution to exit the Paris local weather accord. Eureka! We’re making development. The Heartland Institute did have a job in Trump rejecting the Paris climate Accord and has helped shape his "response to international warming." we are proud if that, and every American should still be grateful. in truth, each notice of this paragraph is an accurate statement, aside from "reject mainstream climate science." i know it’s a trope the ignorant media likes to trot out, however the concept of "mainstream" or "consensus" local weather science doesn’t adhere to the scientific formulation. Let’s permit Nobel Prize Winner and participant within the new york mission Richard Feynman state it certainly and surprisingly — the popular legislations of the scientific components — in just one minute.   Paragraph #11: Steve Milloy, a Heartland board member and a part of Trump’s Environmental insurance policy company transition group, says he welcomes the Legates appointment. "David Legates is a true climate scientist and will bring a superb deal of plenty-needed science to NOAA," Milloy writes in an e mail to NPR. I submitted independently the equal statement to NPR. well done, Steve! Paragraph #12: however climate researchers slammed the NOAA determination to appoint Legates to a key scientific position. What a surprise. and see that Rebecca failed to put "different" in front of "local weather researchers" in this set-up. David knows more concerning the local weather and has researched it greater than the very next person Rebecca prices. Paragraph #13: "he’s not simply in left box, he is not even near the ballpark," says Jane Lubchenco, professor of marine biology at Oregon State university and head of NOAA below President Obama. Contrarians in science are welcome, Lubchenco says, however their claims have to be scientifically defensible. it’s why professional groups just like the United nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on climate change overview the entire range of scientific research before achieving a conclusion. The options that Jane Lubchenco has read the rest David Legates has written or listened to anything he is noted about the local weather is zero. If she did, she would not say anything else she observed. it be embarrassing, truly. He handiest cites facts. And the reason the local weather alternate Reconsidered sequence exists, is as a result of they IPCC (a political, not scientific company) left out the rest that went towards their alarmist dogma.   Paragraph #14: Over the last two decades, in his work and public statements, Legates has rejected the overwhelming peer-reviewed analysis that shows human activity is the main driver of a dangerously altering local weather. Legates has no longer "rejected the overwhelming peer-reviewed research that indicates human exercise is the leading driver of a dangerously altering climate." He has examined the same data and come to a different conclusion. it truly is referred to as science. And Legates has defended his conclusions in public, repeatedly, for many years. And the most effective coverage Legates receives for that from NPR an different no-nothings in our corrupt and incurious mainstream media is the kind of crap listed here. This does not serve readers or science. right here’s an idea, the united states’s "science journalists": How about you file what he says and encourage other scientists to challenge it with their personal science? Nah. They pick leaning on jokers like … watch for it … Michael Mann to ascertain their alarmist narrative. Paragraph #15 and #16: Michael Mann, professor of atmospheric science at Pennsylvania State tuition, says in an e-mail to NPR that Legates has, all the way through his profession, "misrepresented the science of local weather change, serving as an advocate for polluting hobbies as he dismisses and downplays the impacts of local weather alternate." Mann provides: "At a time when those impacts are enjoying out before our very eyes within the type of unheard of wildfires out West and tremendous-storms returned East, I cannot think about a greater faulty decision than to nominate a person like Legates to a position of management at an agency it really is tasked with assessing the dangers we face from extreme climate movements." The Heartland Institute is internet hosting its 14th overseas conference on climate trade in April in Las Vegas. The media’s favourite climate alarmist is welcome to come back make his case, in front of David Legates, at that conference. Michael Mann will refuse to guard his assertions, as he always does. (he is blocked all who disagree with him on social media.) probably there is a narrative there, NPR. How an HIV long-term Survivor Sued an NYC cosmetic Surgeon for Refusal of carrier—And gained Mark Milano, sixty four, of big apple metropolis, is a true survivor. no longer best became he diagnosed with AIDS in 1982, even earlier than there changed into an exact verify to discover HIV, he’s a longtime ACT UP new york member, pretty much died in 2007 from anal cancer but lived to tell, and currently serves as lead trainer at ACRIA, which, in collaboration with GMHC, supports efforts to raise health literacy, improve HIV functions, and meet the wants of older folks dwelling with HIV. In different phrases, he’s used to combating for his lifestyles—and his rights. And that’s precisely what he did in July 2014, after a disastrous talk over with to manhattan metropolis’s Emmanuel Asare, M.D., who’s well usual for liposuction-like techniques that relevant gynecomastia. That’s the condition of fats build-up in male breasts, continually as a result of a hormone imbalance, making them appear a bit like feminine breasts. during his cancer, Milano dramatically misplaced weight. After the cancer, he put it returned on, which, he thinks—most likely along with decades on HIV meds—may have led to his gynecomastia. whatever thing the cause, he desired to cast off it. “Nothing I did in six years with diet and exercise helped,” he says. So he made an appointment with Asare’s workplace, and, upon arrival, decided now not to fill out the clinical history kind, given the complexity of his personal background, and to relate it to Asare in grownup. “once I opened my shirt,” Milano recalls, “he mentioned, ‘sure, we can do anything about this.’ I requested, ‘What led to this? Gaining weight again after cancer?’ He noted, ‘might be.’ I said, ‘As quickly as i mentioned that I had HIV, his tone all of sudden changed.’ He referred to, ‘You didn’t assess HIV in your form.’ I said, ‘i do know, I’m telling you now.’ Then, very severely, he stated, ‘I should let you know that it’s our coverage to now not operate methods on any sufferers with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus.’” Milano says he turned into “dumbfounded—it become a gut punch.” He instructed the doctor that what he changed into doing was illegal beneath the americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)—a truth Milano knew from his years as a distinct investigator for the manhattan State AIDS Institute. in keeping with Milano, Asare observed that his personal lawyers had informed him he was exempt from the law as a result of he become in private apply and since cosmetic surgery was elective. (Asare didn’t return a name from TheBody inquiring for remark.) Milano advised Asare he would report him—to which, says Milano, Asare responded, “Be my guest.” After Milano filed his complaint with the U.S. department of Justice (DOJ), the HIV legislation assignment and legal Director Armen H. Merjian agreed to represent Milano in my view, additionally enlisting the civil rights legislations firm Emery, Celli, Brinckerhoff and Abady. in accordance with Milano, Asare no longer most effective omitted the primary letter from the DOJ but spoke back to the second one by way of openly admitting that he certainly turned away americans with HIV. In 2015, Asare refused to settle the case. “His first legal professional even instructed him to reduce a deal, and he pointed out no,” says Milano. In December 2017, a brand new York State Supreme court docket decide ruled in want of Milano, asserting that the illegality in the case became clear-reduce. across the same time, Milano, on a web evaluation page of Asare, discovered half a dozen people with HIV who’d stated Asare had turned them away as neatly but had not taken prison motion. Two of them agreed to testify in Milano’s case. at the October 2018 hearing, says Milano, one in every of them even referred to that Asare had realized of their HIV repute and became them away after administering anesthesia. It also got here out all through the trial that Asare was really illegally screening all his sufferers for HIV devoid of their consent. He even as soon as gave a patient a false-nice HIV look at various result, says Milano. finally, this month, Asare was ordered to pay $375,000 in damages to Milano and the different two plaintiffs, plus $15,000 in penalties to the govt; attorneys’ fees have not yet been awarded. however Milano says they received’t see that money every time soon; Asare will seemingly attraction the choice, “and even though we win the enchantment, we must get the money out of him.” Equally important to Milano, youngsters, is that “we despatched a transparent message that no medical professional during this country can flip someone away for a procedure simply as a result of they’ve HIV.” The judge also affirmed, says Milano, that “we experienced tremendous stress as a result of this.” “this is an excellent opinion and outcomes,” says legal professional Scott Schoettes, the brazenly HIV-fantastic director of the HIV venture at Lambda prison. “The court docket’s cognizance of the emotional misery this variety of discrimination reasons—and mammoth damages awards to compensate the plaintiffs for these harms—is above all critical. people dwelling with HIV wouldn’t have to endure this classification of discrimination from any one, certainly not from scientific suppliers.” both Schoettes and Merjian cited that the ADA does not permit plaintiffs to sue directly for damages in such cases, and that the DOJ ought to bring the case with a purpose to achieve this. This, Merjian spoke of, is additionally why Milano secured inner most tips and filed a declare below the ny city Human Rights legislations, which does enable plaintiffs to collect damages. Milano’s courtroom ruling additionally echoes the felony conclusions of a couple of previous linked complaints handled by means of the DOJ. “we would all want to consider that here is ‘so ’80s’ and not a concern,” says Merjian of Milano’s case. “in spite of everything, standard precautions [against HIV transmission in medical settings] have been in region due to the fact that the mid-Nineteen Eighties, and the incapacity laws clearly prohibit this blatant discrimination. however au contraire.” Merjian then referred to a case very corresponding to Milano’s, which changed into present in want of the HIV-fantastic plaintiff towards a cosmetic surgeon in Illinois in late July. As for Milano, he says he’s postponing trying to find another gynecomastia surgeon, at the least except after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. additionally, he says, “I don’t have the funds at the moment, and that i’ve additionally been in fact scared to head to a different surgeon and be turned away. I’ve gotten leads, but most cost $200 even for the consult, and it’s nevertheless very hard to get insurance to cover this.” Massachusetts is the only state that requires insurers to cowl cosmetic surgery to appropriate HIV- or HIV-treatment-related side consequences. still, he says, he had the recent satisfaction of addressing Asare without delay in court. “The judge let me look him right within the eye and say, ‘What you did really harm very deeply. It was medically, morally, and legally wrong. You’ve carried out this to numerous individuals, and you have got no correct, and you may still in no way do that once again.’”.

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