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Section 8 1 review questions page 275
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Journal Spreadsheet add process Overview Registered clients will use an Excel template to record journal traces. These journal traces may consist of any mixture of ChartFields for established purposes, (including stability sheet transactions, adjusting, and correcting entries) however are restrained to one aim per journal spreadsheet. The journal spreadsheet may additionally include a whole bunch of traces, however could be processed as one journal. charges are submitted, the use of the spreadsheet naming conventions described below, as a standardized excel spreadsheet by way of e mail to (here is a macro enabled file, if you’re having crisis downloading, you may need to change to a appropriate browser, akin to Chrome or Firefox).  refer to specific guidance involving making a Journal Spreadsheet and directions on a way to Automate Enabling content material. present registrants and assigned masks can also be found on the registrants spreadsheet. Naming of Journal Spreadsheets When saving your Journal Spreadsheet use right here structure: your 3-persona code (mask) plus latest date. illustration: ACS11082008.xls in case you publish greater than 1 spreadsheet per nowadays the layout should still be your three-persona mask plus cutting-edge date plus an alpha character A, B, C, and so on. instance: ACS11082008A.xls the place to View Uploaded Journals After the journal spreadsheet has been authorised via Accounting features, the Excel file will be converted right into a textual content file (flat file) and uploaded into NUFinancials. fees appear in NUFinancials frequently on the identical day. charges can be demonstrated by means of performing an Actuals Journal Search in NUFinancials below the Finance & Accounting tab. See the NUFinancials practising substances for attempting to find Actuals Journals. word: If there is an issue with the submission and the journal spreadsheet can not be processed, you will be notified through email. You will be required to proper errors after which resubmit the journal spreadsheet. once the new spreadsheet has been received the original (incorrect) spreadsheet will be deleted via the upload Journal crew. department Enrollment Required for Journal upload procedure To begin the use of the Journal Spreadsheet, departments need to be enrolled in the program. Departments need to first complete a Journal Spreadsheet Registration kind. This kind offers Accounting capabilities with the information essential for approving a department for journal spreadsheet submissions into NUFinancials. Three personality alpha codes (masks) are assigned to each branch. (You may request a specific mask.) additionally, masks may well be installation for each and every submitter within a department. Please finished form, print out, signal and date, and return to:David Ackermann, fiscal Operations IT555 Clark St. Suite 319Evanston, IL 60208Or e mail form: When the registration is authorized, your branch masks will be e-mailed to you and also you’re ready to delivery submitting Journal Spreadsheets. The Registrants Spreadsheet has an entire record of registered journal spreadsheets and their corresponding masks & contact suggestions. These masks are integrated in the first three characters of the Journal identity (ie. TRE – Treasury’s office Spreadsheet), which is positive when searching for transactions. The source on all journal spreadsheets is ASC. For NUcore users/administrators most effective – visit the NUcore website to down load the NUcore Journal upload Registration kind and for additional information concerning the NUcore transaction processing device materials Contact guidance questions about using the journal spreadsheet? Contact Accounting features at 847.491.5337 or Journal Processing Overview Journals are created following the business suggestions and Chart of money owed architecture for valid values to record and order economic counsel for administration and reporting. Journals must be authorized, be valid and flow funds-checking before posting into the generic ledger. Journals that fail to submit are monitored with corrective motion taken as crucial, and posted/deleted with the aid of Accounting services. reckoning on the journal formula, validation of the transaction coding, enterprise guidelines and approvals may be applied in alternative ways or at different instances. besides the fact that children, at posting, all transactions could be edited once more by way of the device. The gadget edit compares values entered to values that are legitimate within the Chart of money owed. at the identical time, the equipment additionally compares the transaction endeavor to the based budget for that endeavor to determine if the transaction is allowable in accordance with budget rules and spending availability. Journal Posting schedule Journals submit automatically by means of the equipment on the hour everyday in spite of everything approvals are utilized. Accounting features can also also post transactions intermittently as necessary. sorts of Actuals Journals 5 (5) sorts of actuals journals exist for processing: Correction Journal 
inside income Journal
switch Journal
agency Journal
balance Sheet Journal
Actuals journals don’t seem to be for relocating price range help. seek advice from the Which journal classification should still i exploit? chart for greater assistance concerning the first 4 actuals journal types; for steadiness sheet journals check with the on-line webinar or ebook.   methods of Journal Entry There are 4 simple procedures that create journal transactions in NUFinancials: device interfaces and different computerized interfaces
Direct statistics entry
Portal transactions with workflow
Spreadsheet uploads
Journals from methods and different computerized Interfaces device interfaces (SES, goals, HRIS) and unit-primarily based interfaces (recharge centers such as NUIT) are written to consist of a variety of system edits and validation earlier than loading into the frequent ledger. they are transmitted on a prescribed time table and uploaded automatically. NUFinancials edits and budget-exams the transactions earlier than posting happens; if any of the journal lines are in error the whole journal isn’t posted and is assigned an error reputation. Journals that fail to post are monitored with corrective motion taken as obligatory and resubmitted for posting by way of Accounting services. Intra-equipment modules (A/P, prices, can provide) also generate journals to the established ledger; journals in error are recycled and should be corrected earlier than posting. Direct statistics Entry of Journals Direct records entry into NUFinancials is restricted to principal offices, primarily Accounting features (AS) and Accounting features for research and backed classes (ASRSP) as a result of the complexity of the performance and the lack of enterprise rules and workflow in the equipment to handle how and what transactions are created. particular sources are assigned to significant workplace team of workers in an effort to computer screen direct entry activity and enterprise approaches are in place to make sure applicable approvals earlier than posting. other valuable offices that make the most of this journal category are the office of funds and Planning, scholar bills, and student Loans.   NUPortal for Entry of Journals All other units will use the NUPortal journal functionality to create journals for the applications of accounting corrections, charging internal income, and transferring exact monies between chart strings (not for relocating funds aid as funds Journals are used to move funding). The portal contains approval workflow. No paper varieties for information entry can be used in NUFinancials. For detailed guidelines about the way to create Journals using the NUPortal, view the FFRA practicing guides for the usage of the Journal Portal fingers-on. Tip: When growing an actuals journal by means of the NUPortal, you must enter an Account price. On the accounting line, click on magnifying glass under Account to locate all obtainable values. Or, enter the "first digit" of an Account collection to limit the lower back values. for example, enter "7" for non-personnel prices, "4" for revenues, "5" for internal income revenues. Journal upload manner for tremendous Multi-line Journals users will also have a tool for big multi-line journals for these same functions: an excel spreadsheet template. users will first register with Accounting features to use this application. Then, spreadsheets are submitted to Accounting capabilities for ultimate approval, edit, and add for posting. seek advice from Journal add manner for more information. balance sheet entries may additionally best be submitted by means of devices by the use of the spreadsheet journal or balance sheet journal entry web page.   Correction Journal relevant a chart string or Account on an existing posted journal. no longer to be used for steadiness sheet Account changes. Journal need to be entered inside ninety days of the normal journal date, in any other case a justification form is required.
debts need to both be cost (7 sequence) or salary (four sequence), but not each on the equal journal.
transfer money owed (8 collection) may additionally not be used.
ASRSP approval should be required on all journals containing backed dollars (6 series).
Journal have to steadiness.
To boost:
cost, enter a good amount (debit)
earnings, enter a negative amount (credit)

To lower:
price, enter a negative amount (credit)
income, enter a good volume (debit)

inner income Journal New sale of goods or features from one NU Unit to a further NU Unit. relevant a sale of items or features from one NU Unit to an extra NU Unit. (Use company Journal for revenue with 700s cash). Journal need to be entered within 90 days of the usual sale date or carrier length end date.
need to use an RDX revenue Account (5 collection) and price Account (7 sequence) which most precisely reflects the nature of the transaction.
If correcting or adjusting, you must reference original interior sales journal. The correction journal have to reverse the fashioned transaction and a brand new ISJ must be created with the proper transaction.
ASRSP approval by means of workflow could be required on all journals containing subsidized funds.
Journal should balance.
To raise:
price, enter a positive quantity (debit)
salary, enter a terrible quantity (credit)

To reduce:
rate, enter a poor quantity (credit score)
income, enter a good quantity (debit)

switch Journal stream an volume from one chart string to an extra. not for use for alterations in funds or with company or backed undertaking chart strings. must use transfer debts (eight collection).
not allowable on chart strings the place the Fund ChartField is in the promises (600), agency (seven hundred).
Journal need to balance.
To boost:
cost, enter a good amount (debit)
profits, enter a poor quantity (credit)

To decrease:
price, enter a terrible volume (credit score)
income, enter a good quantity (debit)

company Journal company funds signify external entities; genuine costs and profits account codes should be used be used. should use at-least one agency fund code (7 sequence).
need to use best salary account code (four series) and cost account code (7 collection) which most accurately mirror the nature of the transaction.
ASRSP approval by way of workflow might be required on all journals the usage of backed funds.
If correcting or adjusting, you have to reference fashioned agency journal.
Journal must steadiness.
To boost:
expense, enter superb volume
income, enter terrible amount

To decrease:
cost, enter poor volume
salary, enter fine volume

steadiness Sheet Journal steadiness Sheet Journal prior to now sent through add journal which include lines with account codes within the ten thousand and 20000 collection. should use at-least one stability sheet account code i.e. 1xxxx and/or 2xxxx.
ASRSP approval by the use of workflow may be required for all journals the use of subsidized funds.
Journal ought to stability.
To enhance:
Asset and/or expense, enter fine quantity
legal responsibility and/or salary, enter negative quantity

To lessen:
Asset and/or price, enter bad amount
legal responsibility and/or earnings, enter tremendous quantity

Attachment required for approvals.
  the use of bills in transfer Journals transfer transactions circulate helping monies between managing instruments when a funds transaction can’t be used. Most finances recreation will also be processed using a budget Journal by means of the NUPortal. youngsters, you can’t stream “budget” between two different present or endowment projects. Use the Actuals portal switch journal for this move of greenbacks. confer with practicing substances and switch Journal rules for particulars. The switch represents an inner transaction to the tuition and should be eradicated from the financial statements. To facilitate this elimination, selected pairs of switch codes must be used to list the inside cost and profits transactions. Some codes within the collection may be used generically and others are really good switch codes. within the prior economic system, codes had been setup for movement between fund agencies; because these fund businesses were redefined for NUFinancials, new and simplified transfer codes should still be used. besides the fact that children, historical codes have been converted for statistics conversion applications. See the suggested transfer Account Pairs chart for NUFinancials suggested codes. Non-necessary transfers (description NMT) are normal programmatic inner funding transactions. mandatory transfers (description MT) are typically primary workplace use only. other special codes may be college based (eg, Feinberg faculty of drugs inside transactions). resources Contact counsel questions on
Journal processing, switch transaction processing
Accounting services, 847.491.5337
subsidized mission journal approvals

EvanstonJany Raskina, Expenditure Audit Coordinator, 847.491.4697
ChicagoRosanna Sian, Expenditure Audit Coordinator,, 312.503.0835

Interdepartmental add instructions The Banner Interdepartmental add Template is used when one department has many journal voucher traces to be enter into Banner at the equal time–usually more suitable than 10 lines. retailer a copy of the template to your native laptop and follow the instructions beneath for finishing the spreadsheet. Columns in Excel Spreadsheet: gadget IDTo be stuffed in with the aid of widespread Accounting until already usual. TypeThis ought to all the time be C! If no C exists in a line or the rest is entered anyway a C, the whole row will be fully not noted when uploading to Banner. COASClients can also provide you with a Chart Code, which in most circumstances might be C. There are different letters (P & F), but the code that can be used the most is C. if they don’t deliver you Chart C – this is great. prevalent Accounting will fill this in if it is no longer prevalent. Index CodeThere may be a four or six persona Index Code, which frequently consists of a branch identifier plus a host. If letters are a part of the index, they should be capitalized. (Examples- GAC001, 1943, G00845) FundNot necessary if Index Code exists in column D. most effective obligatory if stability sheet bills are getting used (need to have 6 characters if used). OrgnNot obligatory if Index Code exists in column D. (must have 6 digits if used) Account CodeClients need to also offer you an Account Code (six digits).here is indispensable. This code specifies the class of rate or salary you’re coping with if an index code is assigned.the most important assistance to get is the index code and the account code. ProgramNot mandatory if Index Code exists in column D. (have to have 5 digits if used) ActivityClients can give you an activity Code (three numerical digits) together with the index and account codes. This simply additional specifies where the cost/profits has to be coded within a given branch. here’s now not required but should still be used when supplied. LocationRarely used code. (must have 5 digits if used notwithstanding) DB/CRThis column must have both a D for debit or a C for credit. Put the C in pink (Excel menu- layout/Cells/Font/colour–red) if credit so that they may also be found less demanding. AmountThis number ought to in no way be terrible even when a credit. The C in the prior column (okay) determines what signal might be entered in Banner. The layout of this column (Excel menu- layout/Cells/quantity/category–number/Decimal areas–2 & uncheck “use one thousand separator” box) can have no commas, $ signals, or formulas (except for an =SUM(*cells to be totaled*) formulation for the grand total at the bottom). Trans DescThis is the outline you’re going to see when viewing thetransactions on MInE stories or in Banner, so please include some thing assistance will advantage your department the most. be aware that you simply most effective have 35 spaces to work with. right here cannot be in this column- commas, % signals, & signs, costs, or @ signs. Ref NumberThis is any (as much as 8 digit) numbering system you can also use to make each and every line interesting. widely wide-spread Accounting will #1,2,3, etc. in case you decide to exclude.note: For corrections of prices, this column should be used to enter the usual document #s of the charges for the credit traces. Month event/pastime OccurredThis is the month that the adventure/exercise that you are billing for came about. as an example, when you are billing for a catering event that occurred in may, this could be may additionally. BankWill surely be CD if chart in column C is the same as C as outlined above. If chart P was used (not very commonplace), PD often is the financial institution. DateDo no longer delete the formula from this cell! The formulation =Now() is during this column since it has to have the day common Accounting uploads the entry to Banner. The 12 months must have handiest 2 digits—please alter format to (MM/DD/YY HR-MN) if 4 digits for the yr are displaying (Excel menu- layout/Cells/number/Date/class- 3/14/01 13-30).Columns Q-V are used to examine the correct number of spaces had been enter within the quintessential columns. Please don’t delete these columns or formula =len() as a result of common Accounting makes use of them to do remaining checks before uploading. Dept NameYou can also enter the department for every line merchandise in case any contacts ought to be made to repair possible blunders later or any gaining knowledge of is necessary for definite codes. any other advice you can also desire on the spreadsheet on your personal use may be introduced in any column after Column W. standard Accounting will delete any columns no longer necessary for importing. do not delete any columns. simplest if essential you might also disguise some columns now not being used for your functions. It is terribly beneficial to commonplace Accounting that the columns are unhidden before submitting the template. remaining Steps: attach the completed template to an email and ship to Please encompass the total of your add in the e-mail physique; this helps us check the attachment is the relevant one intended to be despatched. encompass any description of the upload in the text of your electronic mail, even if it be the length concerned or a definite numbering gadget your department uses for entries submitted to conventional Accounting. If there are any considerations with the upload template, universal Accounting will contact you for suggestions on fixing the complications. at last, be certain to show templates in by using the monthly cut-off dates (2nd working day of following month) in order for you your statistics in a definite month..

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